Live Broadcast for the Commemorative Events for Second Anniversary of the Foundation Day



Announcement Regarding the broadcast of Commemorative Events for the Second Anniversary of the Foundation day  and the Cosmic Blessing by the True Parents of Heaven, earth and Humankind

Program of Events Marking the Second Anniversary of Cheon Il Guk


Date: March 3, 2015 (1.13on the heavenly calendar in the third year of cheong Il Guk) 10:00a.m. (Korean time)

Venue: Cheongshim Peace World Center

Live broadcast will begin from 9:00a.m. on March 3.

Language service provided for the live broadcast:

Korea, Japanese, English, Spanish, and French

How to the Live Broadcast?

  1. Connect to Peace TV or FFWPU Korea websites and then choose the language you want to listen to. Registration is not necessary to watch the live broadcast.
  2. You can watch the event by smart phone as well


  1. The live broadcast will begin an hour the actual event by Korean time.
  2. If the number of people trying to access the Spanish, French broadcast far exceeds the expected number, the webcast quality may be less than optimal.
  3. After the event you can watch the event again on Peace TV website.

What to prepare?

  1. A Computer with an internet connection using IDSN, LAN
  2. Sound card, speaker
  3. A web browser program higher than Explorer 8.0
  4. Flash Player should be higher than version 10.0 We recommend downloading the latest version if possible..

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