Interreligious Sunday Service in Vienna


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“Communicate with the followers of all religions in the spirit of benevolence and brotherhood!”

(Baha u`llah, 1817-1892)


FFWPU Austria, Sunday, 25th January 2015: On Sunday, January 25th, 2015 an Interreligious Service was held in Vienna by UPF and the support of the Vienna community. The occasion was the “Day of World Religions” which has been celebrated as a special day in the Bahai religion since 1950. It has become an occasion of interreligious dialogue since then.

Guests who contributed to the service on January 25th were Dr. Naresh Sheetal from the Hindu community of Vienna, Elder Reuben Silverbird, a Native America descending from the tribe of the Cherokee and Appaches.

Dr. Ismail M. Yassin from Damascus, a Muslim professor, who had to flee from his homeland Syria. He had worked with UPF in Syria for many years, constantly supporting interreligious activities. His son Mohammed recited passages from the Koran.

Dr. Gertraud Pichler who represented Catholicism. She gave insight into the making and content of the paper “Nostra Aetate“  of the 2nd Vatican Council, which constituted an opening of the Catholic Church towards other beliefs and introduced the idea of Interreligious dialogue among different religions.

Beside the speakers there were contributions of several singers who made the service an uplifting experience. As special guests we could welcome a group of students from Sun Moon University who gave us a taste of the Korean culture by their songs and beautiful gifts.

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