“How to Restore Human Values” :One Day Divine Principle Seminar in Romania

We concluded 2nd week of first 40days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo with successful one Day Divine Principle Workshop!

Even this time was exam period for University students and this day was difficult weather, but three new participants attended our workshop with a lot of desire and curiosity towards Divine Principle. We had three lectures from Divine Principle, ‘Principle of Creation’,

‘Human Fall’ and ‘Principle of Restoration’. Most of the participants showed us interest about ‘Human Fall’. Therefore, we could make good discussion about this content in the lunchtime. Especially we could discuss about ‘How is it connected with our life’ and importance of sexual purity. It was meaningful time for all of us.

After lectures we had one project with the name ‘True Love is Action’ organized by one of Active CARP member and one sister from STF. The purpose of this project was put in practice what we learned from Divine Principle lectures. Unfortunately the outside was raining. However, they organized meaningful games and team activities in the Peace Center. Especially first game was about our ‘Emotion’. Each of us wrote down one emotion which gave us strong impression in our life and we shared about ‘Why we had this emotions? How we had this kind of emotions?’. Therefore, we all felt we have similar emotions in each situations and we could understand about ourselves more deeply. At same time, we could learn the ideas how to overcome negative emotions.

This Workshop was really meaningful and hopeful for us and for all the participants. We will continue to support our new brothers and sisters to discover Heavenly Parents heart through Divine Principle study and activities.

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