Home Church Event: The Search for Healing attracts Neighbors

FFWPU Slovakia, by Barbara Grabner, Bratislava, Slovakia, 24. January 2015: I organized the third event about alternative healing methods in my neighborhood. Every year in winter I use the opportunity to visit all neighbors in our block of flats to improve the contact. The search for good health is a primary concern of almost everybody and a topic which is helpful to speak about the mind and body relationship based on the Principle view. Several of them I visit regularly also during the year and invite them to attend WFWP and UPF events. Many know that I belong to a special religious group.

The healing event was supported by WFWP Slovakia but largely was organized by myself. This time the focus was on a healing therapy developed by our sister Eva Slovakova which is called BILTERA. During the last 15 years Eva designed numerous cards depicting three-dimensional crystals which exist in the Spirit World. Thanks to her crystal cards I was cured from migraine, various pains and also nightmares. Our son was very restless during the night but thanks to one special crystal which protects the spirit body he sleeps deep and sound. Eva (age 70) has enormous spiritual insight and power and has healed countless people. She is also a successful missionary and combines her healing sessions with introduction to the Divine Principle and True Parents.

Neighbors and friends were invited by mail, leaflets and personal visits. One lady told me during a visit that her neighbors all are speaking about the planned event. I was very surprised!

On Saturday afternoon about 16 persons gathered in our home, among them seven ladies from the neighborhood.  In my introduction I testified about successful healing I could observe. Our sister Darina who is studying BILTERA explained the purpose and application of the various crystal pictures. One neighbor already had tested some cards and was very eager to know more. She is a very strong Catholic and would not have visited our home for any other purpose.

The guests stayed almost three hours and enjoyed the high spiritual atmosphere; many of them purchased some healing cards and gained new hope for good health physically and mentally.

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