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FFWPU Australia, Dec. 27, 2014 – Jan. 19, 2015 in Sydney/ Melbourne: The 3 week ‘Hello Australia Camp’ was attended by 23 second and 1 third gen. students of Church leaders from Korea. This project was the vision of Rev. Kwun who saw this as a great opportunity to ‘internally witness’ to the young Korean Children who were on average 13 to 14 years of age. The hope was for a sight-seeing/English learning experience where friendships could be forged and a ‘companion’s network’ developed for future cooperation of these potential leaders.

Mornings began with Prayer and HDH altogether, and was followed by team duties. There were 5 teams led by Korean staff and missionaries and ably supported by the Japanese missionaries and OLT members. In addition Rev. Kwun had also opened it up for local 2nd generation youngsters to come and take part, without any cost.

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The overall schedule had been devised and managed by the heroic Soeun who for many days before they arrived (27th Dec) had been observed on her computer working late into the night. The first week the student were able to go to the Opera House, Blue Mountains, rock climbing, Bondi Beach and watch the New Year fireworks at Darling Harbor (to mention a few of these activities). They were also taught English by Natascha, Daniel and Rev. Hanson. On the 2nd of January they packed again and went on the long trip to Melbourne.

Melbourne offered quite countryside compared to the noise and bustle of Sydney and the students could observe the penguins coming home for the night at Philip Island and also get ‘close and personal’ to the Kangaroos at Anglesey Golf Course. Fishing from a chartered boat and cherry picking were other activities which were managerially and financially support by Mr.Arai. The young people loved doing all these things and seemed to enjoy every day and the staff magnificently kept a positive and fun loving attitude despite near exhaustion at times.

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During this time the students became close to one another and staff, leading to many tears being shed by young and old alike, when the time approached to say goodbye. Many photos were taken and collages made and moving bye- bye cards written.

The climax of the closing ceremony (17th Jan) was the ‘Dream Speeches’ delivered in English as part of a contest, which the participants had prepared carefully to express their personal vision, they were deeply moving. Great fun was had on that evening and some moving performances acted and sung. Can we ever forget the ‘Gangnam–style’ dance with two of the girls dressed in traditional Korean Hanbok dresses and sunglasses!

Rev. Kwun reflected on this great workshop and explained this had been an opportunity for us to grow our parental heart in taking care of these beautiful young people and not only an opportunity just for them. A week on and our hearts are still aching as we miss each other.

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