Building a God-Centered World

FFWPU USA: Over the past three weeks, Hawaii has been a hub of outreach for over 100 people who answered True Mother’s invitation and challenge to renew themselves through testifying to God and True Parents. The finale of this outreach initiative was more than just closure; it was an inspiration to build upon that momentum in local communities around the nation. On February 8, 2015, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim gave a Sunday sermon at the Honolulu Family Church on the occasion of the end of the Hawaii outreach initiative. Below is the speech in which Dr. Kim describes the three-week outreach experience and highlights the importance of action for God’s providence.


The weekly update goes out worldwide, so everyone now knows about the Hawaii and Las Vegas outreach activities.

On Friday I met your guests and also yesterday I invited those who had come from the Mainland states, around 25 sisters and brothers and Unificationist-born young adults, and shared True Mother’s message with them.

Yesterday I had dinner with True Mother, and I said that today would be the last day of the 21-day special outreach mobilization on the University of Hawaii campus and Waikiki Beach. Because the outreach participants had reached out to more than 300 people—students and visitors and local people—I told True Mother that I would like to treat them tonight to a bulgogi dinner at a Korean restaurant. True Mother told me: “Go ahead! I will pay for dinner!” True Mother was very happy talking about how much these brothers and sisters had done, coming to Hawaii in support of the Will of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, which is nothing less than saving the 7 billion people on the earth.


Let’s Build a God-Centered Country

These last 21 days we have looked for guests and thought of how we could educate them to become sons and daughters before Heavenly Parent and True Parents. This is our mission. Our goal. The purpose of life. God did not create us as objects of beauty just for His sake, but so that we can represent the beauty and goodness of God. When we understand and practice God’s ideals and live those ideals, at that moment we become the objects of beauty. Without action, we have no meaning. So we must awaken ourselves to understand: “Why am I here today? What is our family goal today?” Let us go back 239 years to when this country was founded by the spirit of Puritans. What did they have in mind? Why did they risk their lives and come all the way to the New World? For only one purpose: They really wanted to build a nation with freedom of religion, faith in God. One purpose. They risked their lives and lost their children and families, finally arriving in New England with that one purpose: to build a God-centered country. They built the church first, then the school, then their homes and then they built their family as well. This was the spirit of the Founding Fathers. With that kind of fundamental ideal they founded this country. But nearly 240 years later, do you really think this country is centered on God? Read More

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