Blessing Ceremony: the most precious moment in life

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2015 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony for previously-married couples in Northwest Tokyo


Unification Movement-Japan: On February 7th, Northwest Tokyo Cosmic Blessing Ceremony 2015 of   previously married couples by True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind  was successfully carried out at a venue in Tokyo. It was officiated by Rev. Yong Cheon Song, Chairman of Japan’s Blessed Couples Federation, and Mrs. Hae- ok Lee Cold outside, the hall was filled with warmth of Blessing Ceremony, in which a total of 170 new couples, including 31 previously-married couples and 139 single blessings, were blessed.

The ceremony’s first part started at 10:30 am with the entrance of the officiators. In his message, Chairman Song touched upon Japan’s pressing issues such as the rapid aging population and rising divorce rate, pointing out that the dwindling population was the government’s seriously concern. “What could be the genuine solution to this problem?”, he questioned. “Young or old, all the citizens must implant the values of the family and marriage”, he said.

Rev. Song added: “In the Unification Church, we speak of holding a wedding ceremony as receiving Blessing. This is because the wedding ceremony is where we receive the most precious, most sacred and greatest blessing in life. Today, all of you have received the most wonderful day in your lives.”

The ceremony proceeded amidst solemn but beautiful atmosphere with Holy Water Ceremony, Blessing Vows, invocation, exchange of rings, declaration of the marriage blessing, cake cutting, a congratulatory song, and cheers of Eok Mansei by the officiators.

In the latter part, the celebration began with a toast, a solo performance of ‘Amazing Grace,’ hymns by a choir, and some testimonies by the participants.

Following congratulatory remarks by some guests, Mrs. Hae-ok Lee gave her words of congratulation: “Blessing is not confined in this physical world. It is eternal! You all have become everlasting husband and wife before God, our eternal parent.”

Chairman Song’s couple visited every table and presented a gift to respective Blessed Couples. Receiving their words of congratulation, some participants were moved to tears.



This ceremony is the new beginning!

(H.M., married-couple Blessing: I am indeed grateful for my husband’s consent of taking part in this ceremony. This should not be a goal but the re-start of our conjugal life, developing our love and personalities ever more.


So excited with this long-awaited Blessing

E.K., single Blessing, Christian: I have been awaiting for this moment in delightful anticipation. So, I felt dancing in my heart during the ceremony. Familiar with the Bible, I am deeply touched by Mrs. Lee’s congratulatory remarks with biblical quotations.

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