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Sunday Service Report Brisbane FFWPU Community 11 January 2015 in Brisbane


FFWPU Australia, by Seen Sim Adamedes: There were 24 people in attendance, of which 1 was a new member, and 1 was an old member who is living in Brisbane and sought to reconnect with the church.

“Sharing her experiences and realizations whilst participating in the European “DONE” program offered to high school graduates.

Once a month the youth take responsibility to organise and present Sunday Service. This month Seem Sim Adamedes, daughter of John and Shizuyo Adamedes, shared with the audience some very insightful realisations she had whilst being involved with the program. Jackie Adamedes emceed the session. The new format for service was implemented so that a more structured order for service can offer uniformity in the way services are organised. Following church tradition in this respect, sets up the development of culture within the Queensland church and is in concert with church service structure elsewhere.

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Some key points:

DONE focuses on the individual spiritual and character development of participants and exposes the youth to the wider world outside their biological family environment. This is done in 3 stages:

  1. Formation Stage – DP education then fundraising
  2. Growth Stage – DP education then fundraising
  3. Perfection Stage – DP education then fundraising

Seem Sim enjoyed the company and spontaneity of the other participants. Fundraising challenged her at the deepest level e.g. issues of how far one goes in trusting the good intent of the people she fundraised. Through such challenges she reached out in dialogue/prayer to her Heavenly Parent, and found that HP was always there as a guiding force of protection and consolation.

She also shared that she was lovingly counselled by an Australian member, who was her senior in the program, and who noticed she was going through a rough patch emotionally.

From the audiences point of view, who had known Seem Sim all her life, we were very impressed how she had grown spiritually and how mature she had become.

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