Australia: Workshop and Retreat for the Older Second Generation


FFWPU Australia: On the 20th to 26th of January 2015, there was a workshop and retreat for the older second generation organized by Julia and Josh McInherney at Katoomba. The program began with a 4 day workshop run by one of the directors of DONE Julius Alexy who was accompanied by Patrick and Yubuny Hanna and Grace, members of the European Second Generation Department. The content included many lectures and discussions such as our role and second generation, our place in the world as second generation, purpose of the blessing and more.

After the workshop there was a 3 day retreat which was a time for second generation who rarely get to see each other to come and spend time within the community they value and strengthen the sense of community shared between all second Generations. On Sunday there was a maximum of 70 attendees for the retreat and approximately 50 second generation were able to come together and share their hearts.

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