Australia: The 2015 Oceania 2nd Generation Summer Workshop

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FFWPU Australia, January 7-18, 2015, Kuringai: The 2015 Oceania 2nd Generation Summer Workshop was held on January 7–18 at Kuringai Scout camp with around 60 Staff and participants attending from Australia, New Zealand and America. We were lucky enough to have special guests Uncle Jeff Adshed and Josh Schanker from Next Gen Academy to help staff this workshop.

These workshops are the highlight of every 2nd gen’s year. This year was one of the most memorable workshops yet. With the theme ‘Discover the Magic’ we had presentations that were about self-belief, truth, love, service, pursuing our passion, letting go of self-limitations, forgiveness, life vitality and spirit. We learnt about breaking down the barriers, whether they may be externally or internally, that stop us from achieving what we want to in life and how important family is and ultimately learning that family is the school of love.

During this workshop we learnt as a community how important we all are to one another and that we can really support and love as one big family under God. This workshop has had such an impact on all of us and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this memorable and everlasting experience.

A big thank you to Frances and all of the Organizers for putting so much work and effort into making this workshop possible. Also a big thank you to Uncle Jeff who has really inspired so many of us!

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