Albania: 4-Day Divine Principle Workshop

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FFWPU Albania, by Manjola Vasmatics, January 22~25 2015, Tirana: Last weekend, on 22nd of January, many guests and members from all providential centers in Albania and Kosovo headed toward our training center. Heavenly Parent took care of us through a warm weather in the midst of winter, helping us to have a better well going of the workshop. Around 62 members and new guests vitalized with enthusiasm our training center. There were new guests who were coming for the first time and those who attended already once a Divine Principle workshop.

Participants were organized in 7 groups. Guided by the MCs of the workshop, they listened very carefully lectures, discussed on them, organized games and other entertaining activities. The lectures were given with great passion and spiritual fire, such that the guests mentioned that often. Also this time the staff was focused more on taking care of guests, which touched their hearts directly, preparing them to receive the great news of True Parents coming.

Another special moment for all was the documentary prepared by KBS on the first Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa, which was shown at the end of Divine Principle lectures, preparing their hearts to attend True Parents Course on the last day, which really touched and inspired all the participants.

There are many things to improve, but the most important thing to be done is to help these brothers and sisters understand and feel more deeply the information they received, and to keep alive the inspiration they got from the workshop.

Let every person who came to know Heavenly Parent and True Parents on this workshop, be a beautiful present for Heavenly Parents Day!


Reflections from the participants

Member from Tirana Center: …It’s my first time to come on such workshop and I am amazed by the spiritual peace and harmony that gives this place and when you think that many other young people receive same lectures as you about goodness and have desire to affect positively, it is really something to appreciate……

Member from Korca Center: … I felt very good during these days. Here I found the peace that was missing since times, I found the love between brothers and sisters, I found myself. Now I want that this peace and tranquility to continue even out of here. I feel happy that I dared to come here and I thank God for this, because he created us to love and adore him, as He loves us as His sons and daughters and we love Him as Parent!……

Member from Durres Center: … In this workshop I learned that Second Coming of Messiah happened and spoke to us through actions and people who gave lectures. At one moment I thought that Messiah himself was talking to me, Rev. Moon himself, because his actions were an inspiration and a model to follow….

Member from Vlora Center: …It was one of the most wonderful and unique experiences of my life, where your spirit is really filled with joy and where you find inner spiritual peace for which we need so much on this time……

Member from Kosovo Center: … I had everything what I needed, clothes to dress, food to eat, drinks, and parents care, but still I felt empty. I continued and continued on this situation until I understood that what was missing was peace…. But where did I look for peace? ….. I searched in many places and saw a lot of suffering, and then I came here, in the midst of such wonderful people I could find for what I was looking, I found peace in you….

Member from Fier Center (pioneer center): … Do you know what it means to feel as in a family? I felt exactly like that here with you, sharing life moments with other people that made me reflect on my life and not to be the girl who wants everything for herself, thinking only of herself first, or not thinking of others at all. I feel really sorry for myself that I lost time acting as I wanted and didn’t try to see my mistakes and change myself. Here I learned many things for life, people; I learned how to love life and not to lose even one second from it, but to spend it for good things that can help others, but at first I must change myself and then others. Because this is what I learned, that the changes starts from yourself.

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