40 Engaged Couples Prepare With Excitement for the Marriage Blessing

FFWPU USA: Couples around the world look forward to Foundation Day and the Holy Marriage Blessing and this month celebrate many important milestones. Newly engaged couples recently participated in the “Start Smart” marriage education seminar in preparation for the Marriage Blessing, and couples who participated in the Interreligious Cross Cultural Marriage Blessing Ceremony on January 31, 2009 celebrate their sixth Blessing anniversary!

“This was an absolutely wonderful experience. My fiancé and I truly deepened our relationship with each other. Thank you for having this kind of education. I would love to share this content with my friends” said one participant of this month’s “Start Smart” marriage education seminar for engaged couples.

Around 40 engaged couples gathered in California and New York in January to participate in the Blessing & Family Ministry’s “Start Smart: Growing as a Couple” Level 3 Blessing Education Seminar.

The content of the seminar was designed to help engaged couples prepare for the Marriage Blessing and married life. It featured valuable insights into the meaning and value of the Marriage Blessing and practical guidance on building one’s relationship, communication, male-female differences, and building intimacy. The content was presented by Unificationist Counselor and Marriage Educator, John Williams, and the Marriage Educator and Relationship Coach, Debby Gullery.

Here’s what some participants had to say…

“This education is essential for all couples – I think this should be taught in schools. It gave us insight and tools to prepare for the next part of our lives. I love how the focus is completely about how to have the happiest marriage possible”

“One thing that was really great was being able to bond with other couples. My fiancé and I had a lot of great experiences making new friends and strengthening old bonds with other couples. We were grateful to make new friends going forward in this new phase of our lives.”

“It was thoroughly enjoyable, interesting, and very informative. I really believe that the things I learned will help both now and down the road.”

“The content, most importantly, was well thought out and helpful. It provided an opportunity not only to receive practical tips but a space for discussing important topics.”

“The presentations were very helpful. They helped clear up tension between my fiancé and I, and gave us tools to better and safely communicate with one another. Having discussions about sex in facilitated groups was also helpful. It made sex less of a mystical and scary thing.”

“I loved this workshop. I felt there were many moments where I felt a “lightbulb’ go off and I had a good amount of time to share my inspirations with my fiancé.”

“I really loved this program! No matter what stage you are at in a relationship, it can be very insightful and eye-opening experience. There were many things I knew conceptually, but it helped herding it in person from people I can respect, trust and look up to. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of workshops, but I really enjoyed this!”

“The workshop was very inspiring and very useful in our married life. I think this workshop is the best opportunity for couples to understand each other’s differences.”

“This workshop is so awesome and so helpful. I wish it was available for everyone – parents, non-religious friends, everyone! It can also be an awesome witnessing tool to introduce people to the Unification faith.”

“This entire workshop helped remind me how beautiful our Unification tradition of marriage is. It also helped me learn how I can be more considerate to my future spouse.” Read More


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