“Vivir el Principio” A presentation made by the 2nd generation in Madrid

FFWPU Spain, by Beatriz Lozano, Madrid, Spain, 17. January 2015: The 2nd generation department has a team in Madrid that’s working on creating a platform called “Vivir el Principio” (Living the Principle) with the idea of making our teachings more user-friendly. In order to accomplish that, we’ve translated into Spanish the American website dplife.info (with the permission of FFWP America), dubbed their homepage video and translated some of its articles.

We decided to run an event as a starting point to present the platform to our fellow community members and a few friends who came along. The event took place in our headquarters Espacio Ronda on the 17th of January.

Daniel Badosa was the MC, and he introduced the website and projected the video “¿Quieres ser feliz?” from the dplife.info website. Next, David Piqué gave a presentation about happiness from the Divine Principle perspective, in a practical and approachable format. Afterwards, we shared some snacks all together, prepared by some 2nd generation.

Everyone enjoyed the content of the event and the happy and youthful environment. Many expressed their interest in coming to the next one, which will take place on February.

The website is still in its initial stage, but the idea is to create an online platform in Spanish that will combine inspiring articles and videos, and monthly live events applying the Divine Principle teachings into daily life and make them more understandable to the young people in our community and to the wider public.

The aim is to achieve a mix between the website dplife.info (from the American Unification Church) and the very popular Youtube channel Soulpancake (from the American Bahá’í faith), so whenever people seek for spiritual inspiration, they can find it in the Divine Principle.

Please visit our website and our Facebook although our content is in Spanish, it will be very much appreciated if you hit “like” or share it with Spanish speaking people.

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