2015 Special Assembly for Korean Ministers

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Family Federation Korea President Rev. Kyeong Seuk Ryu emphasizes “Inheriting True Parents’ Tradition and Embracing and Achieving the Family Federation Vision”

Recognition for Outstanding Achievements

Strategies for Victory in the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day

January 6, 2015


FFWPU Korea: A special assembly of ministers to start the new year in 2015, the year of the ram, was held on January 6 (11.16 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 2nd year of Cheon Il Guk) at 11:00 am in the main meeting hall of the CheongPyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, with 400 in attendance, including Family Federation headquarters staff and regional leaders, ministers and church staff members who gathered from the family federation’s 22 regions and 231 churches throughout Korea.  The first part of the assembly began with an opening ceremony, followed by an address from Family Federation President Rev. Ryu Kyeong Seuk.  The second part was an awards ceremony, and the third session introduced plans and strategies for the upcoming 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day.

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Emphasis on Absolute Faith and Accomplishment of the Family Federation Vision

Rev. Ryu began his opening address with a reading from True Mothers message from the December 1 Hoondokhae at Cheon Jung Gung Peace Palace. He then reported, “Many protestant ministers attended the Christmas service that True Mother held in Las Vegas at the end of December,” and “True Parents have come to take the lead in this era when world leaders are concerned about how to lead humankind in the right direction.”

“Our True Parents, the most precious people in this world, have gone to Las Vegas, the lowest of the low places where Satan’s fallen culture has taken an intense hold, and they are investing true love in order to liberate the people of Las Vegas from Satan’s influence. At the Christmas Celebration in Las Vegas, True Mother also founded ‘Cranes Club’ a new worldwide networking organization for second generation church member professionals.” After his report on True Mother’s recent activities, Rev. Rue expressed his hope that the assembly would give all those gathered a chance to “Inherit the tradition that True Mother is showing in her life, as she unceasingly dedicates her heart and love to humankind and to heaven’s providence.”

Rev. Ryu explained, “The reason the Christian church was able to grow so quickly in the early days was due to the fact that the church’s work spread out beyond the people of Israel to the neighboring countries, including the Roman Empire, building a widespread cultural sphere by spreading the message of the gospel. Looking at it from this point of view, our blessed families all around the world who have dedicated themselves to follow the course of True Parents are the most precious people in pursuing God’s providence.” He encouraged those assembled to be proud to be among the blessed families, going on to say, “Our members and ministers from Korea, the homeland of our faith, must take the lead in becoming model citizens of Cheon Il Guk.”

With the reminder, “2015 is a very important year for our Family Federation as the last year of our three year course to set up our internal and external foundation for settlement,” announcing that “We are gathered here today to expand the heavenly force supporting us in leading the members around the world forward during this 100 day mobilization,” going on to explain the purpose and goals of the mobilization.

In closing, Rev. Ryu explained, “There is an important message for all of us in the testimony from the North Gyeonggi region, who had the best result in the first stage of the special 100 day mobilization. Moving away from the loosely organized and temporary methods of witnessing and education that they had used in the past, the North Gyeonggi region established a new ministry system binding together the region’s established members with incoming new members, and pursuing comprehensive ministry in a step by step process of witnessing and education. This has given the North Gyeonggi region not only the means to bring victory now, but also the foundation to continue their strong growth into the future.” He stressed, “We must have confidence in the the vision and hope of the Family Federation. Let us march forward in absolute faith and absolute confidence carrying the determination of our True Father and bring victory for Vision 2020.”


Results and awards for the first stage of the 100 day mobilization

Family Federation vice president Hyeon yeong Lee was the MC for the opening portion of the assembly, which included an opening holy song, opening statement, ceremonial bows, the Cheon Il Gug national anthem, Family Pledge, report prayer from CheongShim church minister Seong tae Cho, distribution of awards to the churches with the best results, a video presentation, and Family Federation president Kyeong Seuk Ryu’s message and closing prayer.

Results for the first stage of the 100 special mobilization were announced. North Gyeonggi region, with their excellent results, took the lead among the 22 nationwide regions, followed by Busan, East Seoul, Ulsan and West Seoul regions in 2nd to 5th places. Individual churches were chosen for awards by group. Receiving awards in Group 1 were Guri church (1st place), CheongShim church (2nd place) and Gangnam church (3rd place).  In Group 2 awards went to, Naju church (1st place), Seosan church (2nd place), Gangseo church (3rd place) and Namyangju church (4th place).  Group 3 awards went to Hongseong church (1st place), Ulju church (2nd place), Seocheon church (3rd place), Wando church (4th place) and Yeongweol church (5th place).

After the awards, a video report on the Family Federation’s Ministry Work in 2014 was shown, followed by a strong determination from those gathered to keep an attitude for the grace and guidance of heaven received during the past year and to go forward in the year of the ram to prepare for the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day, and move toward toward victory in Vision 2020 to bring a precious victory for our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

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Sharing testimonies of victory and strategies for success in the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day

After the lunch break, reports were presented by leaders of the award winning churches, with North Gyeonggi regional leader Bogun Hwang reporting on the activities of 1st place North Gyeonggi region and Guri church from group 1, Jeonnam regional leader Jeongseup Song reporting on Naju church,the top church in group 2, and Pakyeon Hwang, Chungnam regional leader reporting on group 3’s top congregation, Hongseong church.

After explaining, “The key to the Gyeonggi church’s growth could be found in the region’s worship plans, adjusting the sermons to make them clear for the new members, and giving them the chance to receive special grace by participating as part of the praise team. Three styles of worship, ‘open worship’ for individual worship and meditation, festival worship’ focusing on culture, and ‘year-end festival’, giving all the members a wide variety of worship experiences,” Rev. Bogun Hwang’s report continued, “by adjusting our ministry in this way, the amount of donations increased by 15% over the previous year, and every aspect of the church’s activities also improved more than in previous years.”

Following this, Rev. Jeong seop Song from Jeonnam reported, “We are using media materials for our educational programs for both the established members and new members. Every month we distribute 12,000 copies of the promotional brochure ‘The Blessing and True Families,’ creating a leading campaign in witnessing through the distribution of literature. In addition, we have been making every effort to pull the members together into a tight community on a foundation starting with early morning devotions, and educational programs including meaningful experiences such as trips to the rock of tears and the holy ground in Fukuoka to help members understand and inherit the life course and tradition of True Parents.”

In the third session of the assembly, promotion department director Sung il Cho outlined the Family Federation’s strategy for victory in the upcoming activities for the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day, followed by a report by Young ho Yoon on the federation’s ‘New Media Witnessing Strategy’ program, explaining that, acknowledging the importance of a cyber presence, during the past year, the promotion department had concentrated on removing negative comments and contents, and from this year would be focused on developing an internet broadcast system, with a goal of providing Family Federation members around the world with a variety of news and information.

In seon Shin, witnessing department director, outlined the direction for the 2nd stage of the 100 day mobilization, stressing once again “The mission that heaven has given us for this time is completing the new tribal messiah mission. The Family Federation is working to create and provide a systematic strategy to support new tribal messiah mission activities.”

In his closing remarks, Family Federation Korea president Kyeong Seuk Ryu encouraged the participants, saying “I hope that, through this special assembly, you have gained new inspiration in your hearts, new energy in your steps, and longer and clearer vision in your eyes.  Today we have all gained the confidence to accomplish even more than our True Parents are expecting of us during this upcoming year. Let all of us in the Korean church unite with the hearts of loyal subjects to heaven, and fiery passion to accomplish God’s Will, calling down the forces of heaven to work on the earth like fireworks and advance the arrival of our settlement in Cheon Il Guk!”

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