USA: Honolulu Outreach Program Kicks Off


FFWPU USA:  Sunday, January 18 marked the official kickoff of the three-week Honolulu Outreach Program initiated by True Mother. The program began at Sunday service in a park near the ocean. More than 100 local Unificationists, the visiting outreach team and several guests gathered to hear short messages from Rev. Ernie Ho and Mr. Hiroshi Inose and enjoy a delicious barbecue.

The 14-person team consists of a mix of ages and genders: five young adults (all women) and nine adults (five women and four men) from several states. The outreach activities for the three weeks will be centered at the University of Hawaii and the Waikiki Beach area.

The first outreach activity began in the park on Sunday afternoon. Using a flip chart, Rev. Ho presented a Divine Principle lecture to which the team members invited passersby. Later the team spent time near Waikiki Beach in order to become familiar with the area in which they would be working and to watch a beautiful sunset.

Monday was the first full day of activities and was very inspiring. The day began with morning devotions followed by a tour of the Honolulu Holy Ground and the famous Diamond Head peak. The views of Honolulu were spectacular, and the team members prayed for God’s blessing on the Hawaiian people and on the outreach work. Five young adults from the local community acted as tour guides.

After lunch the team divided into pairs for doing outreach work and headed back to the beautiful park at Waikiki Beach. Six local members also joined, and the participants established a base camp among several picnic tables as a presentation area for Rev. Ho to give lectures.

During the first hour the team met two wonderful guests who listened to introductory presentations. One stayed for several hours and the other for the entire afternoon. Both are young adults seeking future direction in their lives. The team met about twenty other people and set up future appointments with six.

After sunset, three guests continued to listen to Rev. Ho’s lecture, and the team used flashlights to illuminate the flip chart.  “We were reminded of the early days of True Parents’ ministry when guests would stay late into the night to receive God’s word,” one of the participants said. Read More


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