Uruguay: New Developments

FFWPU Uruguay: The Women’s Federation Presidential Inaugural Ceremony

On December 6 was the inaugural ceremony of the new president “Maria Rosa Neme” who was a journalist, and “Maria Albini”, the former president left the post, completing her 18 years term in women’s union.  In that ceremony, “Ezatt Ferabolli”the President of Women’s Federation for World Peace of Latin America and the former first lady Ms. Graciela Rompani, graced the occasion with their presence.


The condition of fishing, Jeong Seong in Jose Ignacio

In this year, December 5 to 11, they did a condition of a Corbina Negrafishing, doing this for 18 years. On1998 of summer n the beach of Jose Ignacio, True Parents set up the fishing rod which symbolized the 33 nations and did a Jeong Seong to catch the Corbina Negra, from 30 kilometers away of Punta del Este of Uruguay.

The beach of summer was very hot and the wind was blowing strongly, there was a typhoon, the beach of winter was too cold because of the wind of Antarctica.  At that time, True Parents did more than 0 days of Jeong Seong every year and taught to the missionary, how to do fishing.

For Uruguay church headquarters, Jose Ignacio is the place which had a lot of Jeong Seong and the memory of True Parents. That’s why, it was a special experience for the second generation, the young people and Cheonilguk Japanese missionaries. They could catch just one Corbina Negra, but they could feel the big heart of True Parents during 24 hours of Jeong Seong and the battle of a strong weather.

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