UPA Witnessing Team with True Parents in Las Vegas

UPA, by Lee Bok-jin: On the 5th of January 2015 at 1:20 PM (local time), the American witnessing team were given the glorious opportunity of meeting True Parents. After reporting on the 12-day holy ground pilgrimage and the preparations for the witnessing set to begin the next day, the witnessing team received words of guidance from True Parents.

Afterwards, we performed the song (Crown of Glory) and the dance (Bounce) we had prepared. True Mother was very pleased with our performance; she requested an encore. She then asked those present to sing; the overall atmosphere was marvelous.

True Mother also expressed her concern with our health and asked us to pay attention to what we ate. She gave us some support money for our activities and showered us with her caring love.

The cadets will never forget the beautiful smile on True Mother’s face as we danced to the bounce tune. We resolve to invest ourselves wholeheartedly into the witnessing and bring joy, glory and happiness to our beloved True Parents. See UPA

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