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PeaceTv: Weekly Update (January 17, 2015)

True Parents News & Korean News
1. True Mother meets the second class of UPA; pilgrimage to holy sites and witnessing activities
2. Heavenly tribal messiah couple Lee Gye-hyeong and Kang Deok-rae gain victory with 430 couples
3. WFWP’s New Year ceremony and 23rd prayer event for the reunification of Korea
4. Timor L’Este government resolves to support the Sunhak Peace Prize
5. National Seonghwa Ceremony for Kim Bong Tae, former president of YFWP and former president of Sun Moon University
6. 2015 Winter Mentoring Camp to impart study skills

Global News
1. Japan: Dedication ceremony for Kashihara Church and Yao Church
2. USA: Meeting to begin the New Year / Las Vegas Church: “Food Is Love” volunteer work
3. Argentina: Youth and students’ 21-day workshop / Peru: Children’s 3-day workshop
4. Thailand: Asia second-generation members’ 7-day workshop
5. Australia: Global Youth Camp for second generation members
6. Norway: UPF chairman interviewed by The Oslo Times
7. Ethiopia: One-day Divine Principle seminar for witnessing contacts / Zambia: Leaders one-day workshop / Kenya: Women’s Federation volunteer work

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