Tribal Messiahship Breakthrough in Kenya

FFWPU Kenya, by Mrs. Susan Wambui Kone, a blessed wife from Nairobi: In the Eastern African Region the Tribal Messiaship activities started on the October 20, after a successful 7 days Leaders workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya under the direct guidance of the East African Regional President Rev. Bakary  Camara. The workshop was attended by 10 National leaders, Leaders of providential organizations, Leaders of Departments, elder members and former leaders. The 7 days seminar was an extra ordinary program where Rev. Camara conveyed the Heart of our True Parents with a special emphasis in the Activities of Tribal Messiaship. Centering on the Special Grace from True Mother to all of us through the theme of “Forgive, Love and Unite , this seminar  marked a new beginning to all participants  and each one of them were deeply moved by our True Mother`s heart and determined to go forward with the Tribal activities without stopping for the victory of Vision 2020.

At the end of the seminar all families were divided into home groups of 4 families and from the 20th October all families started 120 days Tribal Messiaship activities with each family focusing to reach out to 430 families and raise them up to a level where they can receive the blessing from our True Parents.


Tribal Messiahs Home group Seminar

The activities began by holding workshops for those members who could not attend the workshop so that they can understand the meaning of the Vision 2020 and also their responsibility as Tribal Messiahs.

To begin the activities introduction letters were sent to the area`s Government officers to inform them of the activities and also requesting for partnership with the local Government in order to reach out to all families in their areas. The response was positive as the letters explained the need of teaching about Peace and harmony in the community and also giving True Family values seminars, the local government gave letters of authorization to introduce FFWPU and the Vision 2020 in Associations, during Social Community Programs and in Homes.


Introduction of FFWPU and Vision 2020 in a Social Program

One of the strategies is to use the Government Initiated Neighbourhood Association in Local Kiswahili Language as Nyumba Kumi meaning 10 households. This Initiative was started by the Kenyan Government in October 2013 to help the families interact with their neighbors often to create good relations, improve matters of security, create a good environment and peaceful neighborhoods. We discovered that kind of infrastructure is ideal for our witnessing in our tribal Messiahship and in several areas members are using this kind of strategy of reaching out to these neighborhood Associations and witnessing to them and teaching them as a group. The members have many wonderful testimonies after meeting these neighborhood Association families. After meeting the neighborhood Association members they are invited to visit the families where they give lectures on True Family Core Values and invite them for other seminars. This strategy is producing amazing results and many families are so appreciative to our members and always look forward to their visits.

After the 2-day workshop another conference was held on the 20th December with all the coordinators of the Associations where the Government officer the Senior Chief, leaders of the Neighborhood Associations and community based organizations, church Leaders were presented with Certificates and also  our True Father`s Autobiography. The participants also participated in a Raffle where they won prizes including a 1 year subscription of the National Health Insurance for their families. This program also served as an end of year get-together for the community leaders and was such a happy moment for all the participants and wishes to partner with the FFWPU to create Peace, harmony and Unity in their families and the community

Many Community programs are planned for this year 2015 with the Associations, Community based organizations and Local church membership and there is surely a breakthrough in the Tribal Messiahship activities in Kenya and members are determined to unite completely with our True Mother to bring victory in Kenya and in Africa.




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