USA: The New Year as a Community Affair

FFWPU USA: Winter Workshops are a chance for communities to converge on their spiritual journey, build close relationships and learn from one another. All around the United States this holiday season, young Unificationists, and occasionally entire families, gathered together to reflect, celebrate and prepare for the new year. Through reflections, sharing, goal setting and creative activities, participants of all ages took the time to deepen their faith and fellowship with others and start the year off with momentum. Here are some of the highlights from across the country.


Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Sixty people participated in the District 1 annual High School Winter Workshop. The theme this year was “Our Fight, My Promise,” which focused on what it means to be a young Unificationist. The very open group of young people allowed for an intimate experience which let the participants go deep and make lasting connections. By the end of the workshop they were able to make strong promises to tackle the new year for God and True Parents!


New York and New Jersey

New York and New Jersey’s workshop asked participants to reflect on “Where am I in life right now, and where do I want to go?” Much of the activities and talk focused upon self-awareness as well as goal setting. The group also focused on some of the collective goals of Unificationists around the world, specifically Vision 2020.



The Winter Workshop at Camp Innabah in eastern Pennsylvania was an exciting family affair. From newborns to grandparents, there was a place for everyone. Every morning each age group received education based on the workshop’s theme, “Manifest Your Dream.” In the afternoon and evenings, participants took part in activities for the whole family. The group welcomed in the new year with testimonies, musical performances and a bonfire at midnight. Additional families joined the celebration on New Year’s Day with a potluck meal and talent show. Read More

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