“Sun Myung Moon Quotes” App for Smartphones and iPhones

FFWPU Europe: The app production team “Golden Garden Productions”, founded by a few engaged Blessed Children from Austria, developed an app for smartphones and iPhones which features more than 400 quotations from True Father. The themes that are covered are God, Faith in Practice, Prayer, Life, True Love, Marriage, Family, Happiness, Success, Leadership and Motivation. The selected quotations convey simple and universal wisdom and can also be understood without prior knowledge of the Divine Principle or UC theology. The app thus serves as a smooth introduction to the values and ideals of True Parents and provides inspirational words that are easy to read, e.g. while waiting for the bus or sitting in the train!

The title of the app is “Sun Myung Moon Quotes” and it can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Since its first release in December 2012 the app has been downloaded in nations of all continents. In this way, Golden Garden Productions is contributing to the emanation of God’s Words throughout the world.

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