Special Workshop: Development and Perfection in Family in Russia

FFWPU Russia, Special Workshop by Prof. Oh Gyu Yong: The special family workshop of Professor Oh was held at the end of December in Khabarovsk. Among the participants were 10 families including 4 family from Vladivostok, and three members whose spouses for various reasons could not come. There were total 23 people.

Despite the fact that the time for the seminar was not the most comfortable for the Russians — national preparations for celebration of the New Year — everyone was very inspired by the seminar of such level rare in the Far East. Members came to learn from Professor and his wife. Some travelled to the seminar a long way, more than 10 hours by train, with their small children. Paying of workshop fee and transportation expenses to Khabarovsk became an additional jeong seong condition for Vladivostok.

The seminar was very short – just the evening of December 29, the whole day on the 30th, and the morning of December 31.  There were just few lectures, the event was mainly focused on communication within couples. Also, surprisingly, the theme of the seminar touched on a very profound issues; not only relations between the spouses, but also couple’s relations with their parents. Practical trainings that have been applied in the seminar were so efficient that moved tears not only sisters but also brothers. During the seminar, it was possible to ask questions; but only two families were able to get personal consultations. Some couples admitted that they for a long time didn’t even try to look so deep in each other’s eyes. Someone dreamed for a long time to share about his or her everyday concerns, but did not meet response of the spouse. Much time was devoted to empathic communication. We learned to speak without blaming, listen to the interlocutor trying to understand his feelings and accept them. The seminar was fruitful. It was not easy for Professor to spur us to activity, and we could not easily open our hearts. Perhaps that is why after the seminar, some of us felt like a “squeezed lemon.” But thanks to the spiritual power of the Professor, many of us realized things they could not accept a long time before.

The main and the only regret is that the seminar was very short. Some members just started to open their hearts and look deeply inside to heal their old problems. It takes more than one seminar to complete the healing. We would like to invite Professor O once again, for a longer period of time, 4-5 days. Although it is a significant financial burden for the region, we will be happy to welcome Prof. Oh and his family! Our families are much more precious than money.

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