‘Soldiers of Truth’ – UK Winter HARP Workshop

Soldiers of Truth 

Awaken, Realign, Triumph

UK HARP Winter Workshop 
Cleeve House, UK, 27. Dec. – 2. Jan. 2015 

FFWPU UK: This UK HARP Winter Workshop was about becoming a truth seeker – defending our purity and the Divine Principle. We first need to understand what we are defending i.e. the Divine Principle, understanding our true position and role, and to look inward and evaluate what we would like to change about ourselves?

We had lecturers such as Matthew Huish, Kenneth Read, Keishin Barrett & Ruth Johnson offering guidance on purity, teaching about the Fall of Man, goal setting, following our conscience and dealing with unanswered prayer.

We also had an excellent family night, creative groups including Kendo, dance, shadow puppets and drama, a fantastic rock out & a challenging challenge day in which all teams were truly pushed to their limits. The staff team really poured their hearts into this workshop, and the team leaders too invested so much which culminated in both a deep meaningful, but exciting experience.


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