“Seeking Mother’s heart”: A message by Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon

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 Note:  This summary is based on a transcription of Japanese simultaneous translation of Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon’s message given in Korean.


On Nov. 17th, Osaka Church welcomed Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon,  as it held  “Rally to fulfill God’s tribal messiahship”, which was attended by about 900 local church members. Yeon-ah nim spoke candidly with deep heart, shedding tears several times, about the  realm  of True  Parents’ heart,  and  what  she  had learned as she attended Mother closely as the wife of Hyo-jin nim, first son  of True Family. A summary of Yeon-ah nim’s message follows:

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I am happy to meet with all of you. At the same time, I feel truly sorry for the lack of my preparation. Rather than seeing me as an individual, please think of True Mother who sent me here, as you hear my words.

As a second generation, I don’t have various accomplishments. In terms of heart and devotion, I know I am not in a position to be standing here before our elder sisters. There is nothing I can be proud of. This is who I am, but I am truly grateful for your welcoming me to convey the heart of True Parents.

I recalled again that Osaka is a place with the deep connection with Hyo-jin nim. His life was turbulent, but those who offered devotion constantly for his sake, gave him the first chance to stand before members once again, before he went to the spirit world, I would like to thank you once again.

(Reading of True Father’s words: “Devotion and Love,” Jan. 5, 1996, Punta del Este, Uruguay, South America) When I read these words, in the beginning I used to think, “Ah, these words teach us children, you should live like this!” But as I read this over again, considering and researching about True Parents, I realized that these were words of confession, expressing that True Parents’ life was such that “I lived with this kind of heart,” rather than, “You must understand this!”

Seen from the viewpoint that “True Parents had this kind of heart. This is how they lived. They loved us in this way throughout their lives,” each of the words felt truly precious, and I felt I could become closer in heart with Parents.

Why do True Parents say to us, “Fulfill the mission of God’s tribal messiah!” or “Complete your 430 families!”?  It is not only for the purpose of restoring this world but to return glory to Parents. Our Parents have already pioneered the way that the humankind should go in this world, standing in the frontline to open all paths, the highway, and opening gates for us.

Following that, they say, “Children have their five-percent portion of responsibility, so you can walk this path. If you try to stand as children of Heavenly Parent, you yourself must go this way. I can’t do it for you. But, I have opened the way for you, and taught you how. So just go forward!”

Their heart is the wish for us to go beyond that peak, which they cannot do for us. Why are True Parents, who have fulfilled their responsibility, concerned for the world, night and day? In a large sense, they are of course concerned about the seven billion people who wander like orphans. However, it would be regrettable if the first-generation children who worked hard together with them since the early days of God’s providence could not harvest the fruits of their work, and at the very end, others took the harvest!

“In order for you to fulfill your responsibility, I’d like to move forward in holding your hands, and be true before heaven.  At least, before Heavenly Parent, we have to set a standard for having been liberated.”  This is our Parents’ heart. I believe this is why they are saying once again, “You should fulfill the responsibility as God’s tribal messiah, of 430 families.”

Since Father ascended in 2012, everyone has been aware of tremendous burden which Mother bears. Yet, I could not understand how Mother was leading her day-to-day life until the second Seonghwa anniversary.

I attended Mother closely and witnessed when it was even difficult for her to eat. In front of members and leaders, Mother speaks strongly with confidence. Though I knew how much she was suffering behind the scenes, I just let that go, unaware of what Mother was determined to do, or how she was thinking.

Two years passed in this way. Mother initiated many things, continuing without stopping. Frankly speaking, at times I questioned, “Why is Mother doing things this way?” evaluating things by my standard, feeling “It would be good if she did it this way.”

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At the time, we could not think, “That’s right. I will do my best to support it. Mother, please be strong! I believe in what you are doing. I will go forward with it”, harboring many questions of “ Why?” That was how I was. My thinking was quite shallow. Mother clearly understood and thought about many things, continuing without being shaken.

I have a request to make to everyone. Especially ladies! Please become absolutely one with Mother’s heart, protect and support Mother whatever happens. Please lend your hands as her daughters so that Mother absolutely would not have to go the way of suffering again. If we can become as one, there is nothing to fear. I would like to ask you to unite with Mother, becoming her seawall or her bodyguards.

If we can think about Mother more than True Children do, and attend, love, unite and offer our strength, we would develop incredibly by the year 2020. There are many members in Osaka, but if we move in one heart and one body, how large will we seem to the people of the world? That is why I feel hope. The time is ripe,

True Father in the spirit world is supporting us with all his might, opening the way and preparing all things for us. If only we can receive on earth what has been prepared and fulfill the conditions, he is preparing to give us everything. This is why Mother recently says, “The time has come!”, “Don’t be afraid! Stand with confidence!” or “We don’t need to be embarrassed before the world!”

Just as True Father did his best and ascended, just as Mother is doing her best now, let’s also do our utmost throughout our lives, attending our Parents. That should be our lifestyle. It’s not only to come to church, believe and pray. We are not just a religion. We are a new tribe centered on Heavenly Parent – a most innovative foundation for creating a new nation. How gratifying it is for us to stand as the people of Heavenly Parent! It is the first time in history!

Who can be recognized as the people of Heavenly Parent? This is possible because True Parents exist. These past two years, Mother opened the way for us to go, while her daughter-in-law beside her couldn’t understand. No one could understand her! If you would think about what Mother has been doing in the past two years; what were her thoughts and for what has she been doing these things? She has been preparing for the future, considering the era after she goes to the spirit world. Please think about this point! As you watch a video about Mother, try to feel her heart and thoughts.

The better way than my personally conveying to you is for you to meet Mother directly. If that can’t be done, I think the best way is to hear Mother’s words from one video after another.

This is my request. Suppose we can really become one, even only women become one, there will be no problem in the way Mother will go.

God’s tribal messiah, namely; the 430 families won’t be a problem, either. Already, Japan has a success case, doesn’t it? We just need to fulfill it in that way, one by one. At one moment, a critical point will come, maybe tomorrow, we would not know when. Water, until it completely fills something, looks as if it were going to overflow, but it would not for quite a while. But once it does overflow, it runs rapidly without stopping.

At that time, on whom can Mother trust at the very end? Wouldn’t it be those who shared Mother’s circumstances and heart, living in the same period? I think she would trust our brothers and sisters here, and our elder members.

When there is a child with shortcomings, from the parents’ viewpoint, they will take the child’s hands and try to go forward. This difficulty is actually not a difficulty. A vessel is on the verge of overflowing if another drop falls into it! The final drop is about to fall, but, why do we give up here? This is the heart of Mother which I feel. It is Mother that faces us with such a heart! Rather than a responsibility, this is a privilege! We are being given this kind of a privilege as children!

If we can unite with Mother, we don’t need to get afraid, because Mother is most certainly True Parent of humanity. Mother is clear but we are not clear, because our eyes are clouded! We are apt to go back and forth. Because I wore colored glasses, I saw Mother in a different color. However, learning from Mother and receiving her teachings, I grew. I have grown much better than before. I hope you can also feel this way: “I see Mother had such a heart, how deep her love is!”

As proud sons and daughters of Mother, I believe, you will do your utmost, and become models of filial sons and daughters before Heaven. I will also learn from you, and follow you. Thank you very much.

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