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40 years which changed our lives

Celebrating 40 years of life of faith for those who joined the Unification Church in 1974 or 1975

Les Ulis, France, December 7, 2014


FFWPU France: Many members joined the Unfication Church in France in the years 1974-75. In the following years, it became much harder for our movement to gain new spiritual children, and we closed most of our centers throughout the country. Similar situations exist in some European nations as well. In France, partly because of the long persecution, we took a path, where the growth of the church was not prioritized. We are seen as a movement which had a promising debut and needs to adapt anew.

The sermon asked the audience to reflect on their spiritual growth during their forty years of life of faith. During this long period, the Unification movement in France has been very active, but we also feel that we still fall short of Heaven’s expectations. Much of the sermon was therefore about one’s attitude when a 40-year wilderness period is coming to a close and a new age is dawning. The sermon ended with seven guidelines for a new start:

  1. Reviving our sense of God. We are to return to God centeredness for a personal and collective revival. Our faith cannot remain conceptual
  2. Reviving our sense of offering the greatest joy to God. The gospel of joy will win God and people over.
  3. Reviving our sense of being central figures chosen by God for a mission. Our members need a substantial, step-by-step empowerment.
  4. Reviving our sense of diligence. We need training, thrift, education for excellence. We cannot remain amateurs.
  5. Reviving our sense of unification. Our teaching on peace and unity cannot remain vague and shallow, we need more practical applications
  6. Reviving our sense of space. We are to be present throughout the country, and to go everywhere, to rediscover the big word
  7. Reviving our sense of the providential time. Vision 2020 must be more than a slogan, we should work for it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

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