One Day DP Workshops in Albania ( Tirana and Korça)

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FFWPU Albania, Tirana 15 November 2014: On 15th of November in Tirana Centre, was organized One Day DP Workshop and wanted to share this with you as it was very special for members and the new guests.

There were twelve guests who attended such a workshop for the first time a Divine Principle workshop. They could attend lectures of the two first chapters, Principles of Creations and Human Fall. Special positive  energy  was  created  since  one  day  before  from  members  who  offered  a  witnessing  and fundraising conditions for the success of that workshop, and the result was very visible.

The break time created also a very good feeling and was turned out as a very valuable time to know better the guests and to get a live reflection from them.

We would like also to share our joy that this time is a good time for young people who are in search of information’s connected to life issues and it makes us more responsible that beside the spiritual support, we need to prepare ourselves more to become owner of such time, as followers and representative people of True Parents and heavenly Parents in Tirana. Thank you all for the support and investment!


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Korca, 14 December 2014

On 14th of December, in Shkodra Center we could organize 1 Day DP Workshop entitled: Love God, Love Nation, and Love People”. Part of this workshop were 23 people from whom 10 was for the first time. The purpose f this workshop as to give to guests some more advanced lectures for those who came few times, and to create a more family spirit between members and guests. The workshop included four sessions of DP lectures from the: Fall of Man, Purpose of Messiah, Principles of Restoration and Families in the Providence of Restoration. During lunch time was organized different activities in groups to enjoy, but also to fill the day with different emotions. I think we reached that goal, because at the end all was very positive, happy and expressed the desire to come again.



Some reflections

Armando Jalli: “… I think it was worthy today, I wish to be member of this organisation in the days coming…..”


Xheni Shkëmbi: “…The lectures which I received gave me special feelings…”


Elena Kondili: “…I feel good spiritually. Everything was organized wonderfully… very good feelings, peaceful and warm atmosphere. Thank you!”


Gabriel Bemi: “…As the first workshop, I am very happy as for lecturers and also for the entertainment part. The cooperation in groups was very beautiful, I wish there will be more workshops.…”

Devi BeqiraJ: “… We received important lectures and we enjoyed …”


Vangji Nasto: “… Everything was organized very well. The lecture we received was very interesting and contained a lot of valuable knowledge for us ….”


lvfartin Goskollz: ” … It was a pleasure to participate in this workshop. I had good time and I will continue to come again …”

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