Norway: On The Violation of Human Rights


UPF Norway, by Steinar Murud, the Secretary General, Oslo, Norway, 10. January 2015: Friday afternoon on January 2nd I got a phone call from my friend, and AfP, Mr. Hatef Mohktar. Hatef Mohktar is originally a refugee from Afghanistan who has lived in Norway for around ten years. All of his time in Norway he has been a peace activist in different ways.

The last three years he has dedicated most of his time to the development of the internet newspaper “The Oslo Times”. The paper is a human rights project, rather than not a commercial project. It works as an international news network with contacts all over the world, presenting a very large amount of international news. He says he has millions of readers around the world. Only in the small city of Oslo there are 100. 000 readers, according to his statistics.

Mokhtar himself is extremely busy developing the paper. One of the sections in the paper is the interviews with influential people. He has interview prime ministers, politicians, media people, artists and many more.

His call to me on Friday the 2nd was a request for such an exclusive interview, as he called it.  I was a bit surprised, suddenly out of the blue, to asked for an interview. But he said he wanted to open the door for UPF. He wanted give an opportunity for us to reach out to many people around the world to hear our message. After all, Mr. Mokhtar is good supporter and wants so support our work.

More than that he suggested as a next step to have a conference with media people around topics we consider important. On one of the meetings in his office he even brought another editor to the meeting to discuss this idea.

The questions in the interview were all raised by the phone and he asked me to respond in writing. Over the weekend we met in his office for some additional talks, and to comments to recent terror in Paris, and to take the necessary photos.

The interview were published on the 10th. The next day Mr. Mokhtar was in Nepal. We have both been busy since then. However I will soon meet him again for a follow up meeting and checking the response.

* Read more in Oslo Times        * The interview



How to overcome extremism?

Steinar Murud: Conference organized by our UPF contact Aamir Sheikh – Oslo, Norway, 15. January 2015: Our good UPF friend, Mr. Aamir Sheik, invited Steinar Murud (secr.gen UPF Norway) to take part in a conference under the topic “How to fight extremism?”

The panel consisted of two former prime ministers in Norway, the leader of the Jewish community, a regular columnist in our main newspaper, a representative of the police and myself. Each panelist had 5 minutes followed by questions from the audience, numbering around 100 people.

The event was also presented in the main newspaper, Aftenposten.

Our UPF friend said many times that he can be a “door opener”. This time he opened the door for UPF to be recognized as an actor among top people in our nation. And he opened the door for us to let our viewpoint be heard and even be applauded.

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