Moldova: Peace Conference and Witnessing

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“Eurasia-Europe Dialogue for Peace” Conference

A conference on “Eurasia-Europe Dialogue for Peace” took place on Dec. 5-7, 2014, in Chisinau, Moldova.  Before  the  audience  of  120  participants,  in  a  major  hotel  of  the  Moldovan  capital,  the conference was opened by the First Lady of Moldova, Mrs. Margareta Timofti; she was followed by distinguished guest speakers from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine.

This was the fourth event of the kind, in a series of Europe-Eurasia conferences initiated by the UPF founder in 2011.

UPF-Eurasia invited prominent Ambassadors for Peace from three nations; they insisted on a peaceful dialogue. Although all openly expressed their positions, debates were proceeding calmly. Each of the four sessions featured speakers from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Europe. The audience actively participated in discussions, sometimes explaining rather emotionally to Russian presenters their personal opposite views. However, by the end of a long day, everyone agreed that the Dialogue for Peace was timely and fruitful. Due to the presence of the First Lady and international delegates, and the importance of the theme, the conference was covered by the national TV and broadcasted twice on the news channel that day.

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Education and Witnessing Activities

As we are continuously working for realization of the “Vision 2020” Project. In December we focused our efforts both on raising the standard of core members and developing social activities.

In the church we continued our weekly Prayer Meetings following the Internal Guidance that is making people open their hearts in sharing with Heavenly Parents in prayer. So the number of people attending these meetings has grown; they are now more than twenty.

We have renewed Blessed Wives Meetings and hold them twice a month.

Also we initiated a new kind of activity wich is Mentors’ Meetings with the purpose of trainig a number of core CBF to take care of the Unification Community members and assist other CBFs in solving the problems they are facing now, taking as a standard the Divine Principle and True Parents’ life corse.

In  witnessing,  we  proceed  with  daily  frontline  witnessing  activities  by  efforts  of  3  local  full-time members and 3 home-members. Besides, we hold weekly Movie Club Sessions and Famous People’s Club sessions for new guests.

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