Middle and High School Students Deliver Powerful Lectures


 The 6th National Contest of Divine Principle Lecture by Seonghwa Students


Unification Church Japan Headquarters: On November 30th 2014, the 6th National Contest of Divine Principle Lecture by Seonghwa Students was held at the chapel of the church headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo. In this contest, six students, consisting of top three finalists of Divine Principle Lecture section of the National East-West Contest of Junghwa Cultures, gave Divine Principle lectures. Their lectures were broadcast via internet to churches nationwide.

The contest, its sixth annual event, was organized with objectives of (1) enhancing the students’ motivation of learning the Divine Principle, (2) encouraging their proactive stance to convey the Divine Principle to their contemporaries. Furthermore, it would urge the presenters to become embodiment of the Divine Principle teaching and build a culture of heart in their environment.

The presenters from different parts of Japan first introduced themselves as they enjoyed lunch together. They then rehearsed and prepared themselves for the real stage. At the opening ceremony, one of the judges and the Chiba National Training Center deputy director, Mr. Kazuyoshi Kurauchi provided encouragement to the presenters.

Then, model lectures were given by two middle-school students who had won the first prizes in the section of Divine Principle Chart Lecture. They delivered dynamic lectures by using PowerPoint software which they had arranged by inserting creative graphs and photos.

Presentations of the Divine Principle section followed. The six presenters who had prepared for this day through repeated practices, even after they had won out the National East-West Contest of Junghwa Cultures, delivered powerful and persuading lectures. The lectures covered not only the Principle of Creation and the Fall of Man but also the Providence to Lay the Foundation for Restoration in Part II. The audience were amazed by the presenters’ dynamic lectures.

After the lectures, the head of the Il-shin Education Center, Mr. Masami Hiza, made some comments on behalf of the judges, providing specific advices to respective presenters. The video message by Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon delivered at the West Contest of Junghwa Cultures was shown.

At the closing ceremony, Director of the Department for Youth and Students, Mr. Tomihiro Tanaka, made a general remark, saying, “All of the presenters gave wonderful lectures and this year’s Contest of Divine Principle Lecture was great!” He then added, “Further improvements and creativities are required in order to persuade youth of the same generation”, urging the presenters to make another leap forward.

Next, the contest result was announced. The first prize went to Mr. Shungo Aoki (high school sophomore) of the Seonghwa Student Section of the West Kanagawa Parish. He delivered a persuading lecture on the Principle of Creation Section 4 – Original Value of Creation with easily understandable introduction and dialogue.

A winning trophy was given to Mr. Aoki, while all top three winners were awarded with commemorative shields. All the presenters were given a collection of True Parents’ Words, “Love God, Love the Kingdom of God, Love Humanity”.  The presenters took group photos and family photos at the end of the contest.

Through this National Contest of Divine Principle Lecture by Seonghwa Students, the audience felt sense of hope that future Divine Principle lecturers are growing among the Second Generation.


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