Let’s Testify about True Parents to the Society


Workshop for Managers of Regional Seonghwa Students Section


Unification Church Japan Headquarters, By: Yasuaki  Ito, Manager of Seonghwa Students Section, Department for Youth and Students: On December 10th and 11th, ‘Workshop for Managers of Regional Seonghwa Students Section 2014’ was organized at the Il-shin Education Center in Urayasu, Chiba. The workshop was held with three goals – (1) enhancing cooperation between the headquarter’s Seonghwa Students Section and the managers of regional Seonghwa Students Sections, (2) promoting exchange and information sharing among managers of regional Seonghwa Students Sections, (3) reviewing the first half of 2014 and shaping the annual policy for 2015. Twenty managers of regional Seonghwa Students Sections who are in charge of Second Generation education of intermediate and high school students gathered from all parts of Japan representing respective regions.

The Seonghwa Students Section has put up an annual slogan ‘Seonghwa students: Let us become the standard bearers of the tradition of loyalty and filial piety!’ It held National Workshop for Seonghwa Students Education Officials in May 2014. Education of Second-Generation intermediate and high school students have been carried out with three major objectives and eight main strategies of the Seonghwa Students Section for 2014 announced in this workshop.

In his opening address, Mr. Tomihiro Tanaka, director of the Department of Youth and Students, pointed out, “The Second Generation students in intermediate and high schools will become youth by 2020. They will form the largest group of the Second Generation in Japan.” He then emphasized, “The mission of the Seonghwa Students Section is to ‘link’ these Seonghwa students to Seonghwa youth. We must bring them up as Seonghwa students who can testify about True Parents to the society so they can develop as mature Seonghwa youth.”

On the first day of the workshop, results of the first half of the fiscal year 2014 were evaluated. Then, a course was provided on how to utilize the “Seonghwa Notebook” which the Seonghwa Students Section has promoted for active utilization from 2014. The Seonghwa Notebook can be used not only for jotting down schedules or taking notes but also for writing down one’s feelings or for keeping record of one’s life of faith. It has become popular among Second-Generation intermediate and high school students in Japan as a useful tool for their development of faith.

The participants also considered future activities of Jr. STF being carried out in many parts of Japan as educational programs to cultivate leadership.

On the second day, the participants discussed on the objectives of Seonghwa Students Section in 2015 and on the efforts for the Junghwa Cultural Festival. The regional managers lively exchanged their views on the objectives to be set up for 2015 based on the reflections of 2014.

They also exchanged views on the annual Junghwa Cultural Festival hosted by the Seonghwa Students Section, in which Second Generation students would present DP lectures, speeches and entertainments. The participants decided to target not only the Second Generation but also the society at large so that the Seonghwa students can invite their relatives and schoolmates to testify about True Parents.

At the closing ceremony, the Department for Youth and Students director, Mr. Tanaka said, “Education officials of the Second Generation must have strong faith and stand in the position of True Parents’ objective partner in order to nurture the Second Generation who can live up to True Parents’ expectation”. He encouraged the participants to become educators who can connect all the Second Generation to True Parents.

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