Let’s build a great and victorious Japan with absolute faith


Chairman Song’s couple carries heaven’s grace across the country


Unification Church Japan Headquarters: The couple of Rev. Yong Cheon Song, chairman of National Blessed Families Federation, started a nationwide tour on July 9 from Koriyama Church, Fukushima Parish of Region 2. Since then, they visited about 150 churches and holy grounds until December 16th visiting at Gifu Church, comforting and encouraging the church members. They also officiated Blessing ceremonies in ten venues in the meantime.

In one case, the couple visited six or seven churches in one day – in a style quite unprecedented with their predecessors. At each church, they prayed, talked to its members, exchanged handshakes with each one of them, listened to their precious testimonies with note taking, and ended with commemorative photos.

After one place, the y moved on to a next destination without a break. When a day’s tour was done, Rev. Song appeared quite exhausted with his legs hardly moving. Nonetheless, he always followed the original schedule.

Rev. Song was determined to connect True Mother’s realm of victory and heavenly fortune from her endeavors of climbing the twelve mountain tops in Switzerland to the churches and the nation of Japan through his tour. He strived to embody the parental heart, appreciating members and setting a leadership model by practicing self-reform. Such an extraordinary resolve should be inherited by each of us.


Visiting together with True Parents

At each stop, Rev. Song said, “Today, I did not come here alone. True Parents have come together, as well ”, shaking members’ hands and taking photographs with them. “I came here because True Parents instructed me to do so. True Parents have come as they really, really wish to see you, love you and embrace you!” ( July 11, North Hokkaido Parish, Sapporo Sousei Church)

“I wished to visit even a small church because True Parents wished to do so. Thus, the handshakes are with True Parents, as well. When this church grows bigger and many more people would gather here, I and my wife will come back here again.” ( July 11, South Hokkaido Parish, Ebetsu Church)

One member, who heard Rev. Song saying “Father is here with us!”, said, “My heart became warmer and tears came. It felt like, without my saying anything, he understood everything. I felt True Parents’ deep love through Rev. Song.” (Ms. S, Iwate Prefecture, Hanamaki Church)


Youth have a vision and passion

Rev. Song emphasized that True Parents have strong expectations for young people and students. He repeated about the importance of their cherishing dreams and visions. “If we go for ward with the heart of youth, our body cells become joyful and younger. The body would become healthy and we can build happy families. We should not forget our visions.  A people without a vision are bound to disappear. We are to build one world, one blessed family under Heavenly Parent. We will advance the True Family movement, becoming good fathers and mothers, building good families. R aise the young people up! We hope that you can become members who will definitely fulfill VISION2020. (Oct. 5, Sapporo Hanazono Training Center) “He or she, even at the age of 70, who has a dream (a clear vision) and passion to fulfill it, is a youth. True Father lived his entire life as a youth, and True Mother is also going forward as Father did. As children, let us become one with True Mother and fulfill VISION2020.” (Sept. 25, North Tokyo Parish, Takenozuka Church)


Appointment as Blessing PR ambassadors

Rev. Song repeatedly urged members by saying, “Please become PR ambassadors who testify to true love.” “The greatest accomplishment of True Parents is Blessing, as they spoke about Blessing before anything else even to heads of state.

“We have received a blessing greater than Jacob who was blessed as ‘Israel (victor)’.” Please don’t forget that we were blessed in the hopes of reviving Japan! Not only the CIG Revival Teams witness, but everyone, please be joyful in witnessing. I would like to appoint all of you as ‘Blessing PR ambassadors’!” (Sept. 20, Akita Church)

At the Hirosaki Church of Aomori Parish, he said: “We can change the world by inheriting heaven’s lineage through Blessing. Only through Blessing can Japan and the world be guided properly, becoming the great Mother Nation.”  On a white sheet of paper, he wrote “Let’s become Blessing PR Ambassadors and owners who will build a great Japan!”

Such powerful message led members to realize that Blessing is not just on an individual level but would connect to the national level. A member reflected: “He spoke many times about the importance of Blessing, renewing our awareness and self-esteem as Blessed Families. I also made a resolve through this occasion to witness successfully, as an ambassador of the Blessing marriage.” (Mr. N., Hirosaki Church)


Like the chosen Jewish people

When Rev. Song paid a visit to a relatively small church, he encouraged members: “The numbers are not the point.

Just as the Jewish people preserved their tradition and stood to lead the world of faith, we in the Unification Church, if we can preserve the tradition centering on our signature Blessing, the time will come when we can lead the world as the Fourth Israel. ” (Iwate Parish, Hanamaki Church) He stressed the significance of passing the traditions of Hoondokhwe (Scripture reading) and Worship Ser vice down to posterity.

“The Jewish people, through the 3,000-year history of sufferings, still cherished and maintained their tradition and faith as Chosen People. Today, their numbers are about 15 million around the world, but they still continue to have many influences over the world affairs. We have become the true children of Cheon Il Guk, inheriting true love, true life and true lineage of True Parents, thanks to True Parents’ investment and victory. Let’s value Words and traditions like our own life, protecting and passing them on, and we will definitely become central in this world.” (Aug. 24, Gunma Parish, Takasaki Church)

“If the realm of the second generation is with God, they will grow to be leaders of this country. Among them will be top leaders of each sector. This was true with Israelis. With the population of 15 million around the world, the Jewish people have strong influences over America and the world, in politics, economy and many other fields of the society. It is clear that our second generation as the Fourth Israel will lead the nation and the world in the blessing of heaven. Let us do our utmost to raise up the second generation properly.” (Aug. 22, East Saitama Parish, Urawa Church)


Fulfill the mission of God’s tribal messiah

Having stressed that the blessed families have been privileged and connected to heavenly lineage, Rev. Song reiterated the scope of Japan’s mission, urging members to successfully fulfill the mission as heavenly tribal messiah.

“Unificationists of Japan, with absolute faith comparable with Jewish people or the Puritans, should be victorious as ‘heavenly tribal messiah’ so that Japan can act as a central country in the Pacific Rim era, receiving heaven’s blessing forever. (Dec. 8, East Saitama Parish, Koshigaya Church) “You are the Fourth Israelis! We have been blessed by True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. I hope that you can live every moment of your daily lives by thinking, ‘Who, among the seven billion people, has received more blessing than I have!’ If we embrace a vision, have a dream, and unite, there is nothing we cannot achieve.”  (Dec. 5, North Aichi Parish, Meishin Church)

“You are the people that heaven wishes to raise as the center of Cheon Il Guk. Japan, the mother nation, should become the center of the world! True Parents have guided us to Cheon Il Guk, bearing all the indemnities. Let ’s not forget True Parents’ sacrifice and love, go forward to the victory of VISION2020 with the seven indicators of management, and definitely be successful as heavenly tribal messiahs.” (Dec. 5, North Aichi Parish, Tounou  Church)