Let’s beginn the New Year with Courage and Conviction

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FFWPU Germany, by Werner Fehlberg and Fritz Piepenburg, Neu Mühle, Bad Camberg, Germany, January 10. – 11. 2015:  Some 50 leaders from all 10 communities in Germany arrived at our Seminar House Neumuehle on January 10 and 11. Almost half of the participants were young people, who also led through the program. In his welcoming speech Dieter Schmidt cited words from the new Cheon Seong Gyeong. Our church growth directly depends on how much we teach the Divine Principle. It is essential for each one of us to become the embodiment of what we teach. The word can give us new life. Therefore the importance of Hoon Dok Hae.

Hildegard Piepenburg gave the first presentation on the topic “Gender mainstreaming – what is behind it?” She distinguished between the terms “sex” (biological) and “gender” (sociological). Proponents of “gender mainstreaming” focus on the second term an see it exclusively relevant for society. The see “gender” as a social construct, which can be deconstructed. Freedom for the genderists is choosing one’s own gender among a whole range of possibilities, who all have the same value and should be equally acceptable in society. Everybody is encouraged to discover what best suits to him/her. – This, of course, amounts to a very destructive teaching especially for children, who themselves are in the process of finding their identity The Family

Federation propagates on the opposite that male and female is a God given attribute to each human being for the sake of establishing sound father-mother- child families.

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Next Fritz Piepenburg presented a historic overview of the various name changes of our church. What started as “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” became later the “Unification Church”, which fused with the “Family Federation for World Peace and Unification2 (originally founded as a separate organisation), then became the “Tongil-gyo” and finally went back to “Family Federation”). We in Germany have been largely following all those name changes and are now ready to take on the new name “Family Federation for World Peace and Unification”.

– Later on a vote was done on the proposed name change which was accepted unanimously.

Jonny Makkonen reported on the first meeting of the Cranes club in Las Vegas. True Mother inaugurated this Club as a place for education and networking among the 2nd gen and other youth. This was followed by reports on CARP, HARP and the WFWP.

A major topic was “Vision 2020: how can we be successful with tribal Messiahship in Germany?” Oivind Haugen from Munich was the first to give elaborate testimony to his tribal Messiahship work. He together with Achim Pock from Berlin initiated a series of 7 booklets on the Divine Principle, which is already being translated into several other languages.

Rüdiger Gräber testified on how three families in Karlsruhe could well connect with society by visiting them and inviting them in return to our events. He brought several guests to each of our weekend DP seminars at the Neumühle, among them former pastors and university professors.

Hyoman Noguchi, currently CARP president in Germany, presented the results of survey among the young people on their willingness to take up leadership positions in our church. Some 90 youth responded within a matter of days. Questions ranged from necessary qualifications over acceptance by the congregation to possible payment models. It was agreed that an internship would be good to familiarize with the tasks, possibly in other countries of Europe.

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Sunday started with HDH and health exercises under the guidance of Dieter Schmidt. Then four working groups were formed, who later gathered again and reported on their findings:

  1. The use of news media
  • communities are encouraged to use life stream for the Sunday service
  • we need a corporate design
  • we need good advertising material, such as one-minute-video clips and spread them among the social networks
  1. Cooperating with other groups and churches
  • we should look for genuine cooperation with other groups
  • even by joining like minded groups
  • foster inter-religious dialogue and thus serve society
  1. Family Federation and Public Relations

The key questions are, how do we view ourselves, how do others perceive of us and how can we bring the two diverging viewpoints together?

  • Clear testimony to our Christian roots
  • Not to be afraid of any questions
  • Go to the offensive with journalists and the press
  • Be proud of our teaching, which is logically and reasonable
  1. Tribal Messiah experiences to meet the current challenges
  • clarify who is your tribe
  • you are your own manager
  • work with home groups and invite people to Sunday service
  • the community is there to satisfy the needs of tribal Messiahs

We then talked about the expected visit of True Mother to Europe and Germany. A possible date is the end of April, which is significant because exactly 40 years ago True Father despatched missionaries from Germany, Japan and the USA to all over the world. Christian Hausmann proposed to send a questionnaire on the upcoming All-German Festival to the members for gaining feedback. He also gave an overview of planned UPF activities on a national level.

Finally Dieter Schmidt asked all community leaders to encourage all blessed families to join one of the weekend seminars at the Neumühle at least once a year, with or without guests. The visit of True Mother will be the one big event during the upcoming year 2015. He thanked everyone for participating in the national 40-day condition which had just ended and encouraged to participate in the upcoming three 40- day conditions on a European level.

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