Let us Become the Standard Bearers of Tradition of Loyalty and Filial Piety


1,500 gathered at 18th National East-West Contest of Junghwa Cultures


Unification Church Japan Headquarters: On November 24th, the 18th National East-West Contest of Junghwa Cultures was organized at a venue in Isesaki city, Gunma prefecture, under the slogan “Seonghwa Students: Let us become the standard bearers of the tradition of loyalty and filial piety!” The weather was pleasant and the venue was filled with excitement with nearly 1,500 participants including Seonghwa students and their parents and youths gathering to cheer for them.

After the participants sang along The Principle Youth March, the emcee strongly proclaimed the opening of the rally. Air of excitement filled the venue as the emcee introduced participants from respective regions.

Next, presentations were made by the winners in the four sections (Divine Principle Chart Lecture, Speech, Divine Principle Lecture, and Entertainment) at the regional contests.

In the section of Divine Principle Chart Lecture, six middle-school students delivered powerful Divine Principle lectures by using PowerPoint program of the Divine Principle chart which they had arranged by inserting some creative pictures and photos.

Seven students took part in the Speech section, delivering their powerful and moving messages by sharing their experiences in seeking God to overcome the Second Generation’s challenges or in spreading a God-pursuing culture through one’s growth.

In the section of Divine Principle Lecture, seven participants gave moving and passionate lectures on the sections which respective students chose from the Divine Principle. They used examples to attract audience and included messages they wanted to convey within 10-minute duration.

In the section of Entertainment, the main event of the Junghwa Cultural Festival, student groups from eight parishes took part. The quality of their creative plays, dances and choruses has developed year by year, causing difficulty to the judges.

The top three winners of each section were announced and awarded at the closing ceremony. The winner of the Divine Principle Chart Lecture section was Miss Shoho Eguchi (8th grade) of the South Chiba Parish, Region 14. She gave a wonderful lecture by utilizing a razor pointer in presenting her well-prepared and easy-to-understand Power Point.

The winner of the Speech section was Mr. Kokei Takamura (9th grade) of the North Hokkaido Parish, Region 1. He shared his experience of practicing the life of living for the sake of others in his school, overcoming difficulties with pride as a God’s child and Second Generation.

The first prize of the Divine Principle Lecture section was given to Mr. Shungo Aoki (high school sophomore) of the West Kanagawa Parish, Region 6. He delivered a lecture on the Value of Original Creation with easily understandable examples and commentaries.

The first prize of the Entertainment section went to the Seonghwa Students Department of the West Saitama Parish, Region 3, for expressing True Parents’ life course in a ballet-style original dance and voice orchestra of very high quality.

Then, the participants watched the video of Mrs. Yeon-ah Moon’s message delivered at the West Japan Contest. Director Tanaka of the Department for Youth and Students gave a general remark. The event closed with four cheers of Eok-mansei led by Mr. Yasuaki Ito, manager of the Seonghwa Students Section.

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