Inauguration of UC Japan Vice Presidents

On 11.15 at 10 AM by heavenly calendar (January 5), the ceremony for inauguration of the Unification Church Japan vice president was held at the chapel room of the church headquarters. Former vice president Ken Sudo and Kikuko Suenaga resigned their post, and youth department director Tomihiro Tanaka was appointed as the new vice president.

The inauguration ceremony was moderated by secretary general Yano. There was a representative prayer given by Director Ki-Man Lee, followed by words of encouragement by Yong-Cheon Song, the chairman of National Association of All Blessed Families.

Chairman Song stressed the importance of “nurturing the leaders of next generation,” and said, “as we start off the year 2015 with today’s inauguration ceremony, with a new organizational structure, let us work towards the substantiation of Vision 2020 as a Unification Family.”

Furthermore he said that “we have a high expectation in [vice president Tanaka’s] potential and attitude. In addition, I believe this is part of heaven’s plan to realize True Parents’ hope to raise the leaders of next generation.” And he encouraged the audience to “be united as one and accomplish heaven’s great hopes.”

In his congratulatory remark, President of Unification Church Japan, Eiji Tokuno said, “we’d like Mr. Sudo to support us as an advisor, particularly in the area of Words, and we’d like Ms. Suenaga to work as the vice president of Peace Unification Association.”

As for vice president Tanaka, Tokuno said, “we have high hopes [for Mr. Tanaka], since he has accomplished two great achievements – he was the key player in the success of Youth Rally last year on September 23, and took a full charge in planning and executing yesterday’s Top Gun training workshop.” He also said, “only when we fully support the youth and education of the second generation realm, will there be a future for Unification Church Japan.”

Afterwards, former vice president Sudo and Suenaga each shared parting words. Mr. Sudo said, “positions may change by the essentials don’t. Tribal messiahship is a responsibility of all blessed families. I feel that I’m in the position to make the breakthrough.” And Ms. Suenaga said, “wherever I am, I’ll be working hard to realize True Father’s words when he said, ‘the unification of Mindan and Chongryon is the shortcut to the unification of North and South Korea.’ So I’d like to ask for your cooperation.”

During the inauguration address, vice president Tanaka said, “we must seriously build a unification movement that creates a new momentum,” and “what second generations share in common is their pride for True Parents, their parents, and the Unification Church. That heart is the most cherishable treasure.” Furthermore he said, “I’ll be one with heaven, and I want to listen to others and produce the best results.”

Then, president Tokuno awarded the former vice presidents with meritorious award and memorial gifts. After chairman Song’s benediction, World CARP Japan director Katsumichi Motoyama led the three chairs of Ok Mansei. The inauguration closed with photo shoots.


*Mindan – the Korean Residents Union in Japan

*Chongryon – the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, which has identified their national affiliation with North Korea

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