HARP Winter Workshop: Calibrate your compass and follow your dreams

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FFWPU Spain, Madrid, December 28 – January 4,  2015: For this workshop we wanted to inquire into the so call “Four great realms of heart” by “calibrating the compass of our lives” putting God always as our North in each of these realms. Following a logical structure for the week, we started the first two days by focusing on the individual, thereby we had lectures like “Our Original Value”, “Self esteem” and “LFSO”. The Challenge Day was dedicated to our relationship with our parents, and for the last days we overview the topics of purity, our relationship with God and our role in the world. We had lecturers both from first and second generation that could express and convey the heart of these important topics for the life of our youth.

There were many moments of enjoyment, binding time with games and activities, celebrating together New Year, and sharing time together along a bonfire after our prayer evening.

We all want to thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the opportunity we had and for all the meaningful experiences we carry on for the new year 2015.

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