Germany: Following True Parents for over 40 Years


Frankfurt Community honours its long-standing members

Frankfurt, Germany, 18. January 2015



FFWPU Germany, by Claus Dubisz: Frankfurt community honored those members, who completed 40 years and more of attending True Parents in their life during good times and bad times as well. By walking the path of sacrifice and perseverance they became part of the foundation of Cheon Il Guk.

On behalf of the German trinity Fritz Piepenburg, who himself completed 40 years of membership, presented each with a certificate of appreciation, accompanied by a small lantern to shed light on the next 40 years to come.

In his sermon Fritz Piepenburg compared these 40 years with the “ruby-wedding-anniversary” of a happily married couple. Here it is the communion between man and God. The number 40, according to Principle understanding, is also the time period of separating from Satan. There were countless such number 40-periods in the history of restoration. But what is unique is the fact, that our members spent these 40 years together with True Parents on earth.

Each one of the honoured members then took to the podium and shared about his/her feelings after 40 years Unification Family. Their stories will enter the history books and be told by generations to come.

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