Germany: 2-Day Workshop at the Seminar House Neumuehle

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FFWPU Germany, by Ulrich Ganz – Bad Camberg, Germany, January 23. – 25.  2015: Some 20 participants from veracious cities of Germany arrived Friday evening at the Seminar House Neumuehle for a weekend workshop. The evening began with a couple of songs, around of introducing each other and an introductory lecture by Fritz Piepenburg. Heidi Wakayana and her son Taka led through the program and provided the music. The main purpose of the workshop is to give participants a good overview of the Divine Principle and Father Moon.

Before breakfast next morning, everybody had a chance to go for a short walk and smell the fresh air of the Neumuehle. During the first two lectures Ulrich Ganz talked about the Principle of Creation and the special position of our planet within the vast universe. Further proof of God’s existence can be found in nature, if we keep our eyes open and see the wonders around us.

Claus Dubisz then spoke on personality development. The afternoon provided a chance to go for a walk to nearby Gnadental, strolling through snowy environment. This provided ample opportunity to get to know each other better. Back home at the Seminar House participants were received with coffee and cake, ready for more lectures. The evening was reserved for creative contributions by the participants as family night.

Sunday morning, after a good night’s rest, Ulrich Ganz and Claus Dubisz presented lectures on human history from a providential viewpoint. People in all times have labored and invested for a better future. We have arrived at a point of history, where the desire of all those people in the past can be realized.

This was followed by Fritz Piepenburg handing out certificated of successfully completing the workshop. A wonderful lunch with Korean food, prepared by Tomomi Priesner and her daughter, brought the workshop to a very agreeable end.

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