‘Convention for One Million Second Generation and Youth 2020’ Kickoff


Niigata Parish held ‘2nd New-Vision Convention for Youth and Students’


Unification Church Japan Church: On December 6th, following the success in the One Million Youth and Students Festival ‘Global Youth Festival (GYF) 2014’ in Makuhari, Chiba in September, the 2nd New-Vision Convention for Youth and Students was held at the Niigata Church in Niigata city with a goal of reawaking Second Generation, youth and students in Niigata.

The Convention was a kick-off event for the Niigata Parish Convention for One Million Second Generation and Youth, scheduled for 2020. More than 700 youth and students in Niigata Parish gathered including members of CARP of local colleges.

Using the 3rd floor of the church to its fullest, the ‘Waku-waku Booths’ opened at 11 am. Exhibition panels introducing activities of CARP, Overseas Missionaries and Department for Youth and Students were displayed in the hall. In each room, game corners and Second Generation artwork exhibitions were set up, while Pakistan Curry was served at the refreshment corner prepared by a Pakistani-Japanese international couple. The church was packed with people.

The first part of the Convention started at 1 pm at the 2nd floor chapel of the church filled with colorful spotlights. A Holy Song was performed with musical instruments, followed by a folk song performed by one family unit. A dance performance of Yocchore ( Yosakoi Soran) by middle and high school students and youth from the Joetsu Church was followed by an energetic dance performance by middle and high school girl students. Finally, a band consisting of middle and high school students played 3 pieces including a saxophone solo.

The second part started with a performance by Tenbu-Houonko. After the reporting prayer, the participants saw a video “Youth, be Ambitious! – Dynamic New Youth Movement in Japan”, once again realizing True Mother’s expectation toward youth members.

Following addresses by the Executive Committee chairman and the Niigata Parish director, Rev. Dae Seop Shin, as well as the Director of the Region 4, Rev. Nam Kyung Tak, one of the Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionaries shared her one-year experience as missionary in South East Asia. Then, a participant in the Top Gun Workshop held in October reported about the workshop.

The keynote speech was given by Rev. Eiji Tokuno, President of the Unification Church of Japan. With accounts from his own experiences of visiting more than 50 countries of the world, Rev. Tokuno said, “Don’t become like a frog confining itself within a well. You should lay stress on three targets: to have a specialized field, to learn foreign languages and to study hard.” He then encouraged: “Please go out to the world with dreams and vision and become global leaders with global vision”.

One of the high school students participating in the Convention commented, “It was inspiring and interesting to hear Rev. Tokuno’s actual experiences overseas and the youth minister’s international activities. After entering college, I want to try many things through overseas study programs and research activities. I will work hard to become a global leader with wide and international perspectives.”

The convention became a hopeful start for the Niigata Parish Convention for One Million Second Generation and Youth to be held in 2020.

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