Brazil: The 6th Home Group National Event and Youth Seminar


FFWPU Brazil: The 6th Home Group National Event was held on December 7th at the Brazil’s church National Headquarters’ Main Hall and simultaneously in more than 24 states. The total number of participants was 4,052 people. Among these people, 1,331(32,8%) were guests from Home Groups, One on One and Oikos activities. All over the country, the members were very full of energy to keep with the Home Group activities and were looking forward to the national explosion for the Vision 2020’s victory.

At the event, in the Brazil’s Church Headquarters we had inspiring moments from the words of the South America Continental Leader and the Brazil’s CIG Special Envoy, Rev. Dong Mo Shin that showed us a great love for the Brazilian nation through speaking in Portuguese when he delivered his speech, the words of the Brazil´s FFWUPU President, Mr. Koichi Sasaki, the testimony of a HG leader who had a victory in HG in the weekly goal and was having a real change in her family situation.

Through the State and National Awards for the people and missions that are having good results, which is more than just an acknowledgment for their efforts, the national HQ tried to emphasize the importance of seeking to connect with the Heavenly Fortune and obtain great results by doing God´s Will.

The entrance of the HG flags was a really exciting moment, where all the HG leaders came up on stage with their flags and all together, the people sang the song Sarang Hae.  At that moment many participants could feel a very special spiritual environment and saw clearly that through the HG, the atmosphere of the church is changing and increasing the heart of unity among members.

Specially, the presentation of the youth CARP-Brazil was so good, they showed the strength of the young people with a lot of energy and internal foundation. Many parents that were present as the audience shed tears seeing their 2nd generation children performing very well and a lot of young people´s full talent and energy dedicating for God with a pure motivation.

At the time of the National Communication via Skype between São Paulo and the other states, the different states felt that through this national communication, the connection with the National Headquarters is being strengthened and is the way to attract the Heavenly Fortune for the development of their activities.


Many participants that were guests at the event received prizes like Notebook, TV LCD, micro-waves, tablet, bicycles etc. The guests felt God’s love through this event and certainly, they will keep strong doing the HG, One on One and Oikos at their places of activities. In some states like Rio de Janeiro and Goiás for example, the number of guests was bigger than the number of members, reaching 60% of those presents at the event and, sure it was very exciting to see so many guests that came through the HG, One on One and Oikos activities.

Through the HG activities and its event, the members were very excited and feeling hope about the possibility of the witnessing national explosion. As an example, we have Brumado. The local pastor, Pr. Oldair Almeida said: “This HG activity became a part of our lives. The members are full of joy and saying that the HG is their lives and ‘I love the HG’. After the HG, the Church environment changed, for the HG Event, there is no enough space at our church, next time, we will have to search for another bigger place”

Below is the testimony of the Rio de Janeiro Pastor, Pr.Roberto that won the first place for the national award as HGs’ victorious activities.

“I see that we are really progressing in each event. I noticed the great improvement and growth of the HG leaders, each group was well trained, a lot of leaders were very shy but now, they showed so many skills and charisma when it comes to guide their guests, everyone were very motivated and excited. In fact, I am amazed about what is happening in the HG providence, this kind of event is fantastic, the amount of energy that flows is huge! This gives us more courage and inspiration to keep going and growing! Specially now, before the Blessed Families Resolution, established before God and True Parents.”


Youth Seminar

On December 20, 21 and 22, 155 youth members were gathered at New Hope Farm (Jardim – MS) as the first “True Love Day (TLD) Matto Grosso do Sul Gathering” which included many young people from the different places of Brazil.

The purpose of this gathering was to help our 1st and 2nd generation young members (some of them a bit distant from our movement) to come closer to each other. Participants could feel being embraced and were touched by the other young people who are actively trying to do something in the Providence.

The contents of the program included many testimonies about the Blessing, the youth activity happening in the different regions, CARP activities, TLD/SP activities; as well as lectures and internal guidance from our Pure Love missionary, our local pastor and from Mr. Peter Paulo who was witnessed directly by TF while piloting his fishing boat during his time at Pantanal. There are also lot of fun, sports, games, music and interaction among the participants.

The result was greater than expected and during the closing ceremony, many participants were already asking the staff “when would be the next gathering”. Young members had the opportunity to feel deeply the heart of True Parents from that holy place where the True Parents poured out so much love.

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