Bolivia: The Second Sports Festival Inter- Homegroups

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FFWPU Bolivia: On Saturday, December 13, 2014, was held the 2nd Sports Festival inter-Home Groups. At the school “SIMON BOLIVAR” city of La Paz. In this event 7 Home Groups participated. Introducing a total of 12 teams.

The festival had the theme “Consolidating True and Happy Families” with the participation of members from different Home Groups and new guests who are studying One on One.

Each Home Group had shown their artistic presentation and finalized the teams that will play futsal.  Like Father mentioned many times that sports has the potential to unite hearts and overcome many barriers.


Character Education

The seminar for youths with the theme “DISCOVERING THE TRUE IDENTITY OF MY LIFE” was held at the regional headquarters of Cochabamba on December 5 to 7, 2014. In parallel another seminar was held for children. There were 27 participants for the Youth Seminar and 23 participants for the Children Seminar.

During this seminar the topics were focused on the Principles of Creation and the Human Fall.  Dynamics, public service activities, exercises and theaters were also developed and were some of the activities being done aside from the lectures.

The good number of participants was not expected, so at first it was difficult to maintain order.  It was felt that there´s a need for a bigger seminar venue but despite of the limitations, the seminar left good impressions. Each participant could get something he liked and that will serve useful for his life.


A Seminar for University Students of Santa Cruz

On December 12~14 was conducted a three-day Divine Principle seminar for university students  who finished DP study through the system of  one on one.  All of them were able to further consolidate their understanding of the principles.


Divine Principle Seminar for children in Santa Cruz

This seminar involved 28 children, most of them were second-generation.  For three days, they had profound inner experiences and awareness about life of faith.

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