Blessing Preparation Workshop in Spain

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Manantial del Corazón Training Center, Madrid, Spain, 5. -7. December 2014


FFWPU Spain, by Leal Lozano: Blessing Preparation Workshop took place on the weekend of 5th – 7th of December, at the Manantial del Corazón training center in Madrid. The workshop was organized by the Spanish National Leader, the 2nd Generation and Blessing Departments in Spain and the ESGD, with the idea of providing the same educational content as European Blessing Preparation workshops for Blessed Children in Spanish, since many Spanish members struggle to comprehend the English language.

We were 51 people in total (staff and participants), and we had brothers and sisters coming from all over Spain, Andorra and Portugal, which made the experience very enriching and meaningful. Despite the variety of people, the environment was very homely.

The main lecturers were Jesús González and Geros Kunkel, who came together with Grace representing ESGD. For the first night and the closing remarks, we had two talks from José Manuel Cabero who works at the Spanish Blessing Department.

Jesús González talked about the First Generation Blessing Providence and Absolute Sex, and Geros Kunkel talked about Second Generation Blessing Providence and Blessing Preparation. Moreover, we had several Blessing and Matching testimonies given by Jesús’ wife, Teresa de Jesús Chavez, Sung Min Barje, Christian Campillo and Hanna Piepenburg.

The lectures were given in a very understandable and clear manner, were the value of lineage and the meaning of the Blessing were well explained by both lecturers. Parents and children really enjoyed the content. Probably the most striking moment was the Q&A session,where the participants were given the chance to inquire about their personal situations and Geros Kunkel provided them very sensible answers. Besides, many participants had the chance to have a personal talk with Geros and some other staff.

Overall, we all learned a lot and we personally want to thank all the participants,the ESGD team,the workshop staff,True Parents and God for this enjoyable weekend.

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