Birth and Life of Jesus


FFWPU Netherlands: President An’s visit to the Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 26. – 28. December 2014:  In the afternoon of December 26th President An arrived in the Netherlands with two of his sons. On the day before, on Christmas day, they had stayed in Belgium.

On the afternoon of December 26th, Boxing Day, President An and his sons attended our Christmas celebration in the Amsterdam center. President An shared personally and freely with brothers and sisters. He listened to individual members, who shared about their life and situation. He gave guidance and encouragement to a small circle. To one elder brother, who in his life had been a communist, next a Jehovah witness and then a Mormon, until he finally found our movement, Pres. An showed a lot of understanding. He gave guidance to him on “four levels of ideology.” He said, ”The highest level is where people are concerned for humankind and also know God. The lowest level is where people don’t know God and don’t know the suffering of human beings. There are two levels in between. The second level (from the top) is where (religious) people know God, but are not involved with the suffering of other people. Many people belong to the third level, where they can feel the suffering of humankind and want to put an end to it; however because they don’t know God’s heart, they develop an attitude of taking revenge. Many communists for instance have been like that. They understood the suffering of the people and felt compassion for them, but they became revengeful, because they didn’t know God.”

Several brothers and sisters came with their questions and short testimonies. When they requested, he gave guidance. In the evening President An went to Glory House by car with his two sons. They stayed there for two nights.

On the next day, December 27th, President An shared words of guidance in House Glory, where he and his sons were staying. There the annual 4 days Christmas workshop had just started for young children from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. the workshop was led by a Japanese sister, Mrs. Hiromi van Es. The theme of this workshop is Jesus and Christmas. By gaining a clearer understanding of Jesus’ life, the children come to grasp more deeply the heart of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. President An gave a short speech to the children and staff members of the workshop, relating precisely to this theme. Several parents from Belgium and the Netherlands were present as he gave his address.


A summary of his words (based on my unofficial notes) would be like this:

The deepest aspect in God is His Parental heart and love which totally invests and sacrifices itself for the children. This divine nature is manifested everywhere in the creation. In the animal world, it is incredible to see the extent to which parents invest for their children. The main lesson in the animal world, it seems, is parental, sacrificial love. True Father often spoke about that, for instance about the investment of a mother chicken for her egg and chicks. When a chicken breeds on her egg she neither eats nor sleeps. Also, a hen will do anything to protect its chicks, even against predators much bigger than her.

God finally created human beings. His purpose, of course, was not only for the natural world, but especially for human beings to inherit His divine nature, His parental heart. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen because of the fall of Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors. Human beings could never manifest God’s parental, sacrificial heart. That’s why God sent Jesus 2000 years ago. Jesus had the deep desire to become True Parents. He wanted all human beings to become God’s children through him and next that they also could become True Parents themselves. However, to achieve that, it would be necessary first of all for the family, in which Jesus was born, to respect and follow him. Sadly, Jesus was neglected by his family, because he was an illegitimate child. They were ashamed of him. Jesus’ youth was very lonely and sorrowful. He never had new shoes or new clothes. But the saddest thing was that Jesus, because of this situation, could not marry. In order to become True Parent, Jesus would have needed a bride to stand alongside with him. Jesus’ sorrow on the cross was the fact that he could not become a True Parent himself, and also that he couldn’t enable human beings to become True Parents. It is important to know Jesus’ desire and sorrow.

Out of his unconditional love, Jesus forgave humankind, which had rejected him, on the cross.  In this way, Jesus laid a foundation on which ultimately True Father could come in our time. True Father was the first one who understood Jesus’ heart and suffering. He succeeded to become True Parents, because he found God’s True Daughter, who became his Bride and the True Mother. We understand now how important True Mother is. They gave the

Blessing of Rebirth to human beings. As such not only they themselves became the True Parents of humankind, but also God became the Heavenly Parent. This had been His ideal from the beginning. Through the Blessing, we, the 1st generation, could give birth to you as God’s children. In this way we can have the joy of being True Parents ourselves, and our hope is that you can become True Parents too.

We can be grateful to Jesus. Because of his sacrifice the True Parents have come. They have comforted Jesus by completing the ideal for which Jesus had come. You yourselves, the children, can comfort Jesus and make him happy by your deep gratitude to him and by growing up in oneness with Our True Parents, so you can become True Parents yourselves, which was the very purpose for which Jesus had come. This is the real and ultimate way to celebrate Christmas and make Jesus happy.

These were the words which President An conveyed to the children and staff of the Christmas-workshop. Later in the afternoon, he shared with several brothers and sisters, including those who had taken part in a technical meeting about Glory House, which had taken place earlier that day.

On the next day, Sunday December 28th President An, gave a sermon with deep content on the life of Jesus during the Sunday service in our FFWPU-center in Amsterdam. Four days earlier, on Christmas Eve, True Mother had given her speech in Las Vegas. One main reason for her to do this (as Pres. An explained) was to comfort the heart of Jesus. President An, in his sermon on December 28th, following True Mother’s intent, shared new, deeper insights on the life of Jesus. He used Bible verses from the Gospel and quotations from a speech, which True Father had given in Belvedere NY on August 1st 1993. President An explained how the difficulties within Mary’s and Zacharias’s family impacted not only Jesus’ personal life in a dramatic and tragic way, but even influenced the attitude and mindset of the disciples of Jesus much later in the years of his public mission, causing them to leave Jesus. There are many lessons for us to learn from this, since we are the disciples of True Parents. We should avoid making the same mistake that the disciples made. Instead, by fulfilling our mission we should give joy to the Heavenly Parent and be honored by history.

Please read the content of this amazing speech, which President An presented in great detail, words which moved our hearts and enlightened our minds.


President An’s Speech on the Birth and Life of Jesus, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28. December 2014

President An visited the Netherlands on 26-28 December. He was accompanied by two of his sons. He shared with different small groups of our members. On Saturday 27th, in Glory House, he gave a Christmas message to a group of children from the Benelux, who were participating in a 4 day children’s workshop. He emphasized that Jesus had come to manifest God’s parental love, but was not allowed to become the True Parent.

On December 28th, during the Sunday service in Amsterdam, President An delivered the sermon. He spoke on the birth and life of Jesus, using Bible verses from the Gospels and quotations from a speech , which True Father had given about 20 years ago in America. President An highlighted several secrets of the life of Jesus, especially his childhood, which was deeply sorrowful. Also he discussed the situation of Jesus’ disciples and the deeper reason why they left Jesus. We, who are the disciples of true Parents, must learn from the disciples’ situation, so that we do not make the same mistake. Then we can give joy to Heavenly Parent and be honored by history. President An’s sermon deeply moved our hearts and enlightened our minds. The sermon was as follows:


Christmas is an important holiday for Europeans. Christmas has a place deep in our hearts. People can meet family and friends and have a very good time at Christmas. I remember in America people spend so much money just for Christmas. However, we have to remember that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. It is good to enjoy, but we must understand that the owner of Christmas is Jesus. If we don’t understand this it’s not Christmas we are celebrating. It is very important for us to understand what is the meaning of the coming of Jesus. What was his life? What were the things he left behind? What are the lessons that we, Unification members, can learn from the life of Jesus?

I went to Belgium where, in Brussels, I saw the Christmas market. There is all kinds of beautiful decoration of Jesus’ birth, beautiful sheep etc. It looks very beautiful and wonderful, but what had been the reality? Jesus was born in a barn. Can you imagine a barn, what kind of smells there were? This kind of things Jesus had to face at the beginning of his life. In these circumstances the Messiah was born. Not many people understand Jesus’ life. Also, if we consider Jesus’ last days on earth, we know that all people left Jesus. Not even one person remained with him. Then we, as the disciples of True Parents, we need to know why Jesus’ disciples left him. Do you think they left Jesus because they were stupid? Or do you think they just simply left Jesus without inner struggles? Some people said they left Jesus because they didn’t want to die. But that is not true. Peter himself and most other disciples went to the cross, as did many, many Christians. When you know that Jesus is the Messiah, it is a very great honor to go to the cross. Even in the case of a president, his bodyguards are willing to jump in front of him, sacrificing their lives for the president. It is not quite right to think that the disciples were not willing to die. We have to really understand why they left Jesus. We have to learn the lesson from them, so that we do not make the same mistake. Actually, we are in the same situation. We are going through the Last Days. So if we don’t really understand, we will make the same mistake. Therefore, I would like to read some quotes from the Bible, which is the main source from which we can know Jesus’ life.

In Luke 1:30-32 we read: The angel said to Maria, Fear not, for thou hast found favor with God, and behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus. He will be called great and shall be called the Son of the Highest and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end.”

So you can understand that when Maria conceived Jesus, already Maria knows who Jesus is, he is the Messiah. In Luke 1:39-43 we read the story of Maria when she went to her sister Elisabeth: At that time Maria got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea. She went to Zachariah’s home and greeted Elisabeth. When Elisabeth heard Maria’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb. (This baby was John the Baptist). And Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. In a loud voice she exclaimed, “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you will bear. But why am I so favored that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” So what does that mean? Elisabeth knew who Jesus was.

In Luke 2: 46-50 we read about the boy Jesus at the temple:  “After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you. And Jesus answered, “Why were you searching for me? Did you not know I had to be in my Father’s house?” They didn’t understand what he was saying to them”.

They were angry with him. ”Where have you been?” He answered, “Don’t you know who is my Father? You are not my father and mother. My Father is God.” They knew already, didn’t they? But they had forgotten. They didn’t believe in Jesus as the Messiah. If they knew that he is the Son of God, why would they have to be wandering for 3 days to find him? So, already then, when Jesus was 12 years old, his parents absolutely didn’t believe in him. They had lost the faith. We read John 2: 1-4: “On the 3rd day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine”.

What does that mean? She asked him to make a miracle, to make wine. And what did he say? “Woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.” What is my hour, my time? This is very important. Why did he come to the wedding place? Think about it. He came to become True Parents, to save the people of the world by changing the blood lineage from Satan’s blood lineage to God’s blood lineage. He came in order to marry. Jesus went to his mother. Three times he said to her. “I have to marry a certain person.” Actually that was his half sister. And his mother said “No, impossible.” And now he is 30 years old. Think about it, 2000 years ago 30 years was very old to be a bachelor. People died mostly around

40 years old. We can understand that Jesus came to ask his mother to help him prepare his marriage, and that she didn’t care anything about his marriage, which is the most important thing in the whole history of the Providence, and at Cana she is asking him to make a miracle. Why is she asking him to make a miracle? Because she always has a suffering and now wants to have relief through her son. The people were seeing her and her son with a certain feeling , right? The illegitimate son; that’s what they were seeing in reality; they were seeing this all the time. This son, Jesus; they were always ashamed of him. But now Jesus had become so famous; he made miracles and appeared so wise. People were respecting and following him. This was the best time for Maria to show to the people that her son is a great man, [not the Messiah perhaps, but surely a great man]. Maria wanted to boast; she wanted so hard to console her “han”, her personal “han”. That’s why she asked him to make miracles in front of the people. But this has nothing to do with Jesus’ mission. Jesus, through his answer, in fact was telling her, “You do not take care of the marriage of your son, the Messiah, which is the most important thing, your mission. Instead you are taking care of somebody else’s marriage”. That’s what was happening.

In Mark 2:32-34 we read that Jesus at a gathering was talking to the people. Jesus was a very wise man answering all kinds of questions. And then his mother and brothers were waiting outside, and what did he say? He looked around and said, “These over here are my mother and my brothers….” “Those outside are not my mother and brothers”. That’s what he said. Can you understand how angry Jesus was, the deep anger that he was expressing?

Next is the story of the Transfiguration (Luke 9:35): “Then a voice came out of the cloud saying, This is my Son, my Chosen One; listen to him.”

Here we see that God Himself testified to Jesus in front of his own disciples. God himself told them, “This is my Son.” and they all knew. They heard from God directly who Jesus was. Jesus was the Son of God. At Gethsemane (Matthew 26: 39-41) Jesus prayed, just before going to the cross. He had to pray three times. But they all slept. Jesus said, “Now is my time.”What is my time? The time of going to the cross. So you can see that nobody was with Jesus; nobody believed in Jesus.

We have many questions. Why was all this happening? Why could they not follow Jesus? Think about it. Maria knew who Jesus was; Zachariah’s family knew who Jesus was. His disciples knew who Jesus was. But all of them failed. And finally did Jesus marry or not? No, he didn’t.

So he had to say, “I will come back as a bridegroom.”What does that mean, bridegroom? It means I am going to come back to marry. But Christians say, “It is a spiritual marriage. All churches should be the bride.” But this is not the case.

Let us read Father’s words, when he speaks about the life of Jesus. The following words (in italics) are a translation from a speech which True Father gave at Belvedere NY on August 1st 1993. “If True Father, who accomplished true love, did not appear in this world, the seed of the True Family could not be connected. The future of humanity would break off. This is a problem. No one will believe any of this. Just like right now. Because Jesus could not unite Judaism and Israel, due to John the Baptist’s opposition, it had to be redeemed through a 3 years course of deep struggle.

In order to find redemption through the 3 years course he left his family to build a family foundation, but he did not succeed. Since he did not succeed in building a family he did not have a wife. There was no woman to stand alongside with him.

All of the people opposed. How miserable was Jesus! If devout in Christianity, any woman would say, “I am Jesus´ number one bride”. However, could she say the same if she was living during that time? No, she could not. Not even one woman aligned with heaven and accepting of heaven’s way was to be found. Everyone knew that Jesus was an illegitimate child.”

At that time nobody wanted to marry Jesus. Thus you can understand how he was treated, how he was looked upon by the people. “Israel was a small country. So rumors spread fast across the nation. Also, Jesus was carpenter. During that time carpenter was the lowest of occupations. Even his parents, brothers and sisters were not welcoming. They were ashamed. They scorned: “Why are you staying here in the village? Go make yourself known in Jerusalem. Why stay here?”

If he went to the city, nobody would know where he came from, right? They wanted him to stay in Jerusalem. That’s why they left him there. “When Jesus was 12 years old, Maria and Joseph brought Jesus and left him behind at Jerusalem. After 4 days they found him and asked him, “Why are you still here?”And Jesus replied, “Don’t you know I am in my Father’s house?” These were not words of joy; Jesus was complaining. How can parents leave their child for four days?”

If you are a 12 year old boy how can your parents leave you alone in a city for 4 days? “The question is, “Why did they do it?” It was that Maria and Joseph were arguing about Jesus. Joseph kept asking Mary, “Who is Jesus’ father?” Why can’t you tell it to me, who saved your life? “

When Maria’s belly became bigger and bigger, people were asking, “who is the father?” Maria was not married at the time, and she was pregnant. The people kept asking the question and Joseph said, “I am his father.” Otherwise they were going to kill Maria. So Joseph saved her life by saying, I am his father, which was actually not true. But after that, when he had lost faith, he started asking Maria, “Who is the father of Jesus?” all his life. Whenever he saw Jesus, he was struggling. Joseph was struggling. “So as a savior he (Joseph) demanded an answer from silent Maria. But if Maria dared to speak, it would be a big trouble. It would reveal that Jesus and John the Baptist were not cousins but were actually brothers. What would you have them do? This was a serious issue.

What was Jesus’ position? It was the position of Abel. And John the Baptist was in the position of Cain. How could Maria’s family and Zachariah’s family become one? The real question was how do Cain and Abel become one? This was the duty bestowed on Maria’s and Zachariah’s family. Otherwise there would be no woman and no Cain.” Restoration is indeed a very complicated thing, because restoration means paying indemnity. It is a reversal course.

What was the course of the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve were brother & sister, right? They were engaged; they were going to marry. But one day the archangel seduced Eve. Eve married the archangel. What is indemnity? The person in the position of Eve has to betray the current engaged one. (the archangel-figure) and has to have relationship with the Adam figure, who is Zachariah. That’s why we read in the Bible that she went to Zachariah’s family.

Elisabeth, who is the sister of Maria on mother’s side, welcomed her. Why? Because she had received the Holy Ghost. But actually after that, when Maria stayed with her husband, she became jealous and kicked her out eventually, which caused many problems. Zachariah’s family and Maria’s family should have become one. Jesus could have stood on that foundation. But that was lost.

“John was indeed Jesus’ cousin. But he was also Jesus’ brother. Maria and Elisabeth came from the same mother. Then who was Jesus’ father? (Zachariah). How do you all know? I didn´t say such a thing. Who is Jesus´ father?  (Zachariah). Then who is John the Baptist’s father? (It is Zachariah) Yes; their father is the same. They were born from the same father. Didn´t Cain and Abel come from the same father

Adam? At Jesus´ time, Cain and Abel, who have the same father, must unite on a national level. Otherwise the bride and mother cannot appear. These two must stand united in order for Eve to arrive. This is the perspective of the Principle.

Restoration is the opposite way from the Fall. During the fall, who took Eve? It was Satan, the archangel. The one who symbolized the archangel was Cain. So this time Abel was the one who has to take Cain´s woman. Restoration must go in the opposite direction.”

So who is the brother of the woman (John the Baptist´s sister)? John the Baptist, right? The birth of Jesus was so complicated. Seen from a human perspective it happened in such an immoral way. He came as an illegitimate son. He was not born 10 months after Maria and Joseph married. He was an illegitimate son. How complicated it is. If someone is born as an illegitimate son, how very difficult it is to go the way of the Messiah. Who is going to respect him? True Father said, “Nobody wanted to marry Jesus.” Only when they have absolute faith in Jesus this was possible. But they lost faith, as you know. That was the problem.“ In restoration, in order to go the opposite way, Abel has to find Cain’s sister. What that means is Jesus has to find John the Baptist’s sister. Then it ends; when a couple is produced in the family, it ends.”

Adam and Eve originally are brother and sister, right? Because of the fall of man, Eve betrayed her brother Adam. To reverse this a sister has to betray the Cain- brother and has to come to the Abel-brother, the original Adam and marry him. Then who is the Abel brother who came as the original Adam? Jesus came as the 2nd Adam. Jesus had to indemnify what happened in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve. So Jesus has to marry his half sister, right? This is a very complicated thing. Not anyone else was to go this course, only Jesus, not any other person. Because Jesus is the 2nd Adam he has to indemnify the 1st Adam’s mistake & failure. So he has to marry his half sister. When he asked his mother, “I have to marry my half sister”, do you think Maria said Yes? No, absolutely not! That is incest. Maria knows who the father of Jesus is. Do you think that Zachariah and Elisabeth would agree after they had lost faith? No. Actually True Father said that, since Elisabeth lost faith, she told John the Baptist who Jesus’ father is. So you can understand that John the Baptist already at an early stage became so negative. Later, when he received the Holy Spirit (in the Jordan river) he testified to Jesus, but when he “came back” as a human being he lost it. He could not believe and could not follow Jesus. So you can understand that if the way of the Messiah was easy why does the Messiah need John the Baptist? Why does he need Elijah? The Messiah has his own ability and wisdom. He can get all the popularity, gather lots of his own disciples. He can make the people believe in him. But the problem is that restoration through indemnity is so difficult for the coming Messiah to go through to become the True Parent. That’s why God prepared people, such as John. God had to tell all those people who Jesus was. What did these people and also John the Baptist lose? Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience. That’s what they lost. They became (“normal”) human beings, like everybody else. They tried to understand from the human perspective and common sense. So it’s very complicated, very difficult. Surely after that Jesus lost all the foundation.

“If such event was accomplished in the family, God’s Providence would have proceeded centered on that family. There would be no need to declare outside of the family “Believe in me, follow me.” Horizontal foundation would be connected by automatically connecting the people centered on the family. When tribes are connected; people is naturally accomplished. Therefore people will form centered on the sovereignty and naturally nation and kingdom will form.”

God Kingdom would have come, would be substantiated at that time. Jesus came; God’s Kingdom came in the sense that the Christian Kingdom had started, right? How many years has the Christian Kingdom lasted? Now is 2014 A.D. Is that correct? No. The Christian Kingdom ended in 2012. It is finished. Truly, the Christian Kingdom was finished in 2012. Now is the 2nd year of Cheon Il Guk, which is a completely different kingdom. It doesn’t matter in what circumstances people have lived, spiritually people have been living in the Christian Kingdom for the last 2012 years. But that has ended. Think about it. 200 A.D. Did anyone know at the time that they were living in 200 A.D.? Nobody knew at the time.

Even more recently, for instance 150 years ago in Korea, nobody knew they were living 1860 A.D. or something. But now everybody here on earth is counting the years according to A.D., including Buddhists, Islam, whoever. What is the meaning of A.D? If a new kingdom comes, we have to change the counting, starting from year one of that kingdom. Since Jesus came on earth, everybody has been living in a year A.D. That is the proof that the Christian Kingdom has been ruling for 2012 years. However, now we are living in the 2nd year of Cheon Il Guk, which is the Eternal Cosmic Kingdom. Eternal means eternal; it is not going to end; it will be forever. And also, that kingdom is going to include physical world and spirit world including God Himself. It means that we are living in Cheon Il Guk now, and when we die we are going to live in Cheon Il Guk also. Whether we realize it or not, people will count this year as the 2nd year of Cheon Il Guk (a year which is now close to its end).

We are very simple people perhaps. But what about Jesus’ disciples? They never knew that they would become saints of saints. Did they know? They never knew. Think about Peter. He was a humble fisherman. How did he die? How could he know he was going to be the first, most important pope. Any pope cannot be compared to him. Any Christians cannot be compared to him even though he had denied Jesus three times. The main reason for him to be recognized is just because he was a disciple. Some people say the period of Jesus’ public mission was 21 months. It was probably less than three years. That was all. At that time was there any history book written about Jesus? No. there are many histories, but nothing about Jesus. What about Peter? Peter was a very insignificant person. But he became the saint of saints. That’s why we have so many people called Peter today. But now Peter’s age is finished. There are the 4 Gospels in the new Testament. They explain about the life of Jesus and his disciples. There is an amazing story of Jesus’ life which makes us so moved in our heart and mind. But what about stories about Jesus’ disciples? Do you know any story of Jesus’ disciples which has moved you so deeply, a story which makes you cry? There is nothing.

Nevertheless they became saints of saints. What do you think is more important, the New Testament or the Completed Testament? And what is more significant? The First Coming or the Second coming? Jesus’ disciples or True Parents’ disciples? True Parents’ disciples are more important. Also, that age of the New Testament is finished. Nobody will talk about Jesus’ disciples anymore. At the end of the day, eventually, all people will understand that we are living in Cheon Il Guk, not only spiritually but also physically, and eternally. And even those who died already long ago they are going to be the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. We have many brothers and sisters. The stories of our brothers and sisters are so amazing, that they can make all people of the future cry and cry. That’s why I’m saying to 2nd generation you have to know the story of your father and mother. They are very amazing stories. Even the stories of Jesus’ disciples cannot compare to them. You know there wasn’t even one person who was united with Jesus at the end of his life. They couldn’t believe for even 3 years. Why? Because they were struggling with Jesus’ immorality from a humanistic perspective. Had you been a disciple of Jesus, would you be struggling or not? You would struggle very much, because he is illegitimate son, the lowest level. Could you follow someone who is the lowest level?

Also they (the disciples) could not understand that Jesus was trying to marry his half-sister. Could you believe it? It was really difficult to follow him, very difficult. You might say, “Jesus should explain that” just like now we might say “True Father should explain this or that”. But Jesus cannot explain; how could you explain all those things? There are things that we can understand but we cannot explain them to outside people, because they don’t know Divine Principle. How could Jesus explain Cain & Abel Restoration, the Birthright and even the story of Tamar, which is very important. If you read the Bible, the first page of the New Testament which is the first page of the Gospel of Matthew, you can see it explains Jesus’ blood lineage. It tells about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And then Judah. Judah has a relationship with his daughter in law, Tamar, who gave birth to Peres and Zerah. In the Old Testament you can see Genesis 38. The whole chapter is about Tamar, which is a story of immorality and incest. That is the story of the ancestors of the Jews, all the Jews. If you are Jews, would you like to write that in your history books or not? You would want to take it out, Then why didn’t they take it out? Why did they put particularly Tamar’s name, as part of Jesus’ lineage, into the book? The reason is because it is so very important. Nobody knows why it is so important, the incest story in Jesus’ lineage. Jesus is the one whom we are worshiping. Do you want to have a record reveling that in Jesus’ lineage there is incest? Nobody could explain that story. True Father explained it to us, not long time ago, even to UC- members. Therefore now we can understand that Tamar has been the most successful woman in providential history. Without her Jesus could not have been born as a person without original sin.

So what could Jesus do for the people? If you were Jesus at the time, what could you do, now that you had lost your family foundation? Without the help of his mother Maria, how could Jesus marry? Especially, without the support of Zachariah’s family, how could he marry the sister of John the Baptist? It was impossible. But Maria said “no” three times. Then Jesus had to make some family foundation by himself, that is the meaning of the disciples. But even those people, to whom God appeared and testified about Jesus, they too lost faith. Jesus couldn’t do anything but to say that we have to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. He also said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, nobody can go to God except through me”. Somebody asked him, “Show me God”. Jesus said, “Why could you ask me, show me God?, after seeing myself. I am in God. The Father is in me.” Jesus said, “I am God.” Then why did he have to say it? Because there was no other way but to require absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Could he explain? No; if he explained he would lose the foundation of faith also.

So we have the same problems today, don’t you think so? Wherever I go, some members, brothers and sisters, ask me relating to stories they have heard. Then I say, “I don’t know”. How could I know? But in fact True Father answered it many times to us. Did you hear the answer? True father said, “I never committed adultery in my whole life. I didn’t have any misconduct.” True Father explained that, when he appeared as the Messiah, the True Man, many women tried to marry him and to seduce him. When Father was in Japan, many girls tried to give him all their money, asking him to marry them. True Father always said “No”. He told us, “I never made any mistake.

”There was an important reason for every action True Father did, just like in Jesus’ case. Jesus had a fundamental providential reason for everything he did. If anybody among the disciples in that time would say, “How could Jesus try to marry his half-sister? Probably he made a mistake”, that would be really terrible. Don’t you think so, after understanding all these things?

True Father finally explained all this hidden truth about Jesus. But how many years it took, until this was revealed? Jesus himself never explained it. Even True Father explained it only recently. So if we don’t know, we need to say, “I don’t know”, instead of saying something. Actually I understand that Father answered it many times, but still we are questioning the same things. Whenever a Korean leader, for instance Young Hwee Kim comes, members including 2nd generation kept asking the same questions. In England Reverend Kim said, “I do not know; I never heard about it”. And they will say, “Oh, he is telling a lie completely”. But actually that answer means so much, it means “until Father says it, I do not know the reason within the Providence”; that’s what it meant. He doesn’t answer about the things, the facts; he doesn’t have to explain them. Even if he explains them, people will keep asking “why?”. He cannot explain them.

If, in Jesus’ time, one of the disciples, for instance Peter, were asked by one of the other followers, “Do you know that Jesus was trying to marry his half sister?”, if Peter then said, “Yes I know”, he would have a lot of trouble. Until Jesus would explain it, he doesn’t know, right? He simply should say, “I don’t know”. It’s up to Jesus to explain it or not. There was some important reason why Jesus could not say.

In the book of Job, Satan and God were doing a test. Satan said “I have everybody and everything in my possession. “God said, “No, you don’t have everybody. I have at least one person, Job. Let us take a test.”

God said “You can do anything with him except making him kill himself.” You know the story, don’t you? At one point, Job challenged God, saying “I didn’t make any mistake. How could you make me so miserable?” And what did God answer? Did he say, “Don’t worry; everything will be OK soon? Now I am just testing you; I have a bet between Satan and myself about you.” Did he say that? Had he said so,

then everything would be finished & lost immediately. That’s why we have to make a Foundation of Faith. Do you think God wanted Abraham to kill his own son? No, he (Abraham) has to make a Foundation of Faith. As long as we do not believe strongly enough in God and True Parents, God cannot tell us. That is why God, True Parents and Jesus could not explain also. When the time comes, when the time of the indemnity condition is finished, then Father can say, or Jesus could say, isn’t that right? Until that time you shouldn’t keep asking the same question, the same things.

That’s why we lost many members, many brothers and sisters. Many members lost faith. Of course we understand. Also we must understand why Jesus’ disciples left Jesus. Since we understand that, we shouldn’t make the same mistake. Jesus’ disciples had no example for them, but we have the example, isn’t it correct? At this Christmas, what do we learn from all this? Do we just celebrate and have a wonderful time? We have to understand what was the life of Jesus. Members of the inside-belly-church, where Dae Mo Nim came from, were making Jesus’ shoes and clothes etc, very much in detail, by hand. They made these items for every year of Jesus’ life, 33 years in total.

You know why they did that? Because they understood the heart of Jesus. Jesus was so miserable. He couldn’t even have one pair of new shoes in his whole life. So they (the people of inside-belly-church) were always crying & crying for Jesus. If you were born in a barn and were raised up by your parents who are ashamed of you, how terrible it would be. He was not loved the way his own brothers were loved by their parents. Think of Joseph. Joseph kept asking to Maria, “Who is the father?” The people also, seeing Maria with Jesus were always wondering about this, “Who is the father?”. Nobody wanted to marry him.

In the Bible we read that Jesus at one time went to Samaria. One woman, who had had five husbands, offered to give Jesus water. She asked him, “Please give me the water of eternal life”. This means marriage. Jesus even had to go to such a person. She had received the Holy Spirit. That’s why she said to Jesus this request. But that was the last hope for Jesus.

Can you imagine Jesus? Even the person who had had 5 husbands, did not make commitment to follow Jesus. If they knew that Jesus was the Messiah things would have been different. But they didn’t have even a little bit of faith. So we can understand how sorrowful Jesus was. So many people are celebrating Jesus’ birth at Christmas, “Halleluiah”, but nobody really knows about Jesus. We are the only ones who have to understand Jesus. True Parents are the ones who solved his “han”. You know, True Father did so many things, even in Jerusalem, for example the crowning of Jesus. So we, as UC-members, as brothers and sisters, if we don’t have a sense of Jesus’ real life, we cannot celebrate Christmas. People may have a party, a Christmas party, but there is no Jesus. Many churches are ringing their bells, there is wonderful music of all kinds, cake, pie and everything else, but Jesus is not there, absolutely not.

This is an important time for us. That is why Mother did a Christmas celebration for Jesus. It was not because of all western people. That is not the reason why True Mother celebrated Christmas in America. No! The reason is because Mother knows the heart of Jesus. Mother wanted to do something to comfort Jesus’ heart.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, when we have this Christmas time, we have to really understand Jesus’ life and Jesus’ heart. Especially we have to indemnify the mistakes of the disciples of Jesus, by living according to absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and we have to complete our mission. We must be those who go on until the end; otherwise we are going to be the ones who failed.

Everybody has been reading the Bible, the New Testament, especially the Gospels. But the time will come when people will not read the New Testament anymore. They will read the Gospel of the Completed Testament Age. What is the Gospel of the Completed testament Age? It’s the story of True Parents and of their disciples. So we will have our Gospels, our life of faith, our life of the Unification-Blessed Couples. This is going to be the new Gospel, which will be read by the people of the future forever. We don’t realize how significant our life is.

We have to remember that in Jesus’ time there were many Messiah’s, not only Jesus. What was the difference between Jesus and all other Messiah’s at that time? The main difference was, that all the other Messiah’s were saying “I am the King of the Jews; the Anointed one.” The question, indeed, is “which king?”. They said they were king of the Jews. Jesus was the only one who said, “I am the king of the world”. This was impossible for the people to understand. Even to imagine such a statement at the time when God, Jehovah, was the God of only the Jews. There were many gods in that time. Everybody had a different god, right? The Romans had their own gods; the Greeks had their own gods. Even locally people had their own gods. The God that all Christians worldwide believe in right now, originally was only the God of the Jews. Jehovah God was not the belief of any other place or people. Then how could Jesus say, “I am going to be the King of the world?” Does it make sense at that time? Absolutely not. Even God was one of many. Nevertheless, what Jesus said happened as history evolved. The Christian spiritual Kingdom came to be.

Nowadays, theologians see Jesus as one of many Messiah’s from a historical, critical perspective. That is absolutely not true. Jesus is different from all the other Messiah’s. Is there any Messiah who became king? Today also there are many, many Messiah’s. Do you know how many there are in this world? Even in Korea there are so many Messiah’s. So what is the difference between True Parents and all the other Messiah’s? Do you know what the difference is? All the other Messiah’s say “I want to make world peace,

on this globe.” Nobody talks about the Eternal, Cosmic Kingdom. Only True Parents speak of it. The Eternal, Cosmic Kingdom. It is incredible. There is nothing more, nothing higher than that anymore. So that’s the difference. That is Cheon Il Guk. We are living in

Cheon Il Guk, whether we believe it or not. This is the time; it has already started. So history will go that way. Someone asked me. “Do we have hope?” Our Unification Church has hope. We have many, many problems, all kinds… and additionally we have hope. Everybody wants to have hope, right? Without hope we cannot have vitality. So we want to be excited, feel the power. I want to have some hope; please tell me how I can have hope, please inspire me, right? Then I say, that “we have to have hope, because Satan does not have hope.” We are playing in a garrison game between God and Satan. When you play a garrison game and the enemy doesn’t have hope, then you have hope. There is only one way for Satan to have hope; he can have hope under one condition; this is if he can kill all the unification-members and burn all the unification books. Only after that he can have hope, isn’t that correct?

Truth, true love is the way. There is no way that Satan can win. We may walk a difficult course but eventually history is going that way. How could you win over the Truth? How could you win over God? So please brothers and sisters. Let us have great hope and realize that we are living in a great historical time. This is the only time to be called disciples, the time that we can be recognized by God more than ever.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. Kamsa hamnida.


(President An’s concluding prayer)

Let us Pray.

Our Loving Heavenly Parent, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We are so grateful to live at this time of Cheon Il Guk. We don’t understand what it means to be living in this new era. However, when we understand Jesus’ time then we can come to grasp a little bit the significance of Cheon Il Guk. We have been thinking about Jesus’ life at this very Christmas time. We can realize again, as True Father explained to us, how Jesus’ life was so miserable.

God had been waiting to have His True Son and Daughter, who can be True Parents. God has been working from the beginning to be the Parents. That´s what He wanted to achieve by having Adam and Eve as His children. And God also wanted them to become parents, but because of the fall of man they could not become True Parents. And God has been working throughout history, during thousands, even millions of years by shedding tears in order to finally send the Messiah here on earth 2000 years ago. Jesus tried so hard, shedding so many tears, shedding blood and sweat, but also he was hindered by the disbelief of his family and of his disciples. Jesus could not make it to become True Parents. And Jesus had to promise to come back, to become True Parents.

In our time True Parents came here on earth, and again they were rejected; they were not accepted by Christianity. They had to go through all the difficult courses, they paid all the indemnity to make a foundation, and eventually they completed, concluded and perfected the entire Providence. Now we are in the position to inherit the victorious foundation of True Parents by accomplishing Tribal Messiahship, which is the most precious Blessing which nobody before could ever have. So our brothers and sisters are so sincere to accomplish the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. We know that it isn’t easy, because this world became so secular. Nobody believes in God; nobody believes in Jesus in the real sense. So it is a very difficult time. But we understand that Jesus and True Parents have been going through all the difficulties, and they made it. So we also can make it eventually. We have seen so many miracles in the past, which True Parents have made. Even now, everybody talks about the miracle of the Berlin Wall coming down. But we know that it was not a miracle.

It was done by our True Parents. So we can also make it. Since we can break the Berlin Wall, it is so much easier to do Tribal Messiahship in our lives. We have to make it. That is a blessing; it is not a burden. So please help us to understand the significance of the Providence of Tribal Messiahship and please help us to understand how precious the time is that we are living in, by attending True Parents in our life time. Please help us to understand this now, as we are closing the past year and welcoming the new year. So please help us conclude all these things, to reflect on the past and to have a real determination and to achieve our goal to become beautiful sons and daughters of Our True Parents. I report all these things in my name, Young Shik An of a central Blessed Family.  Aju.

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