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FFWPU Belgium, by Philippe Jacques – Brussels, Belgium, 19. January 2015: Some time ago, the VRT (Vlaamse Radio en Televisie) asked us if they could make a documentary about the Blessing, in which they would not just bring ‘news’ about, but go more deeply into the meaning of the Blessing and how we live it internally.

The documentary is part of a series entitled ‘Via Annemie’, which has been aired for several weeks on channel Eén, one of the major Flemish television channels in Belgium.

The documentary of 45 minutes in length, featuring the Blessing, will be aired early in 2016. More information about reporter Annemie Struyf can be found here

Today a VRT team attended our Sunday Service to make a start with their programme. The idea is to follow a couple (Kristof Tanghe and Marilene Villamor) that will be going from Belgium to the Blessing in Korea.

Mainly Kristof and Marilene were interviewed, whilst also interest was shown in the experiences some couples of the 1992 Blessing have had. We could share about the meaning of the Blessing and Holy Wine ceremony and what it meant to us back in 1992 and ever since. The entire VRT team were very respectful.

We are looking forward to what the programme will look like and trust that it will be beneficial to the Providence in Belgium.

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