Belarus: 2-Day Workshop


FFWPU Belarus: Two-day Divine Principle training workshop for core members was held on December 13-14 in Belarus. The half of 25 participants was elder children of the second generation for whom it was the first experience to learn the teaching of True Parents together with adult members.

On December 15, a Christmas program-congratulation for handicapped children started for the 14th time. During 10 days, volunteers and Unification Church members dressed as Father Frost and Snow Maiden visited families with invalid children and gave a small celebration party in each family. The volunteers and Unification Church members visited disabled children’s homes, with gifts and performances.On December 30, the second-generation children gave a performance in the orphanage of Orsha (a small town, 200 kilometers from Minsk), and handed presents to the children. Five volunteers participated in a Divine Principle workshop.

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