Asian Conferences Inspire Educators

UPF Thailand, December 17 2014: UPF held two conferences for high school and college directors in Bangkok, Thailand, in late December.

The Asian Leadership Peace Conferences, held on Dec. 17 to 21 and on Dec. 20 to 24, were a joint effort of UPF-Thailand and UPF-Nepal. The theme for both conferences was “Our Shared Responsibility in Building a Nation of Peace.” Lectures were given by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, UPF-Asia president; Mrs. Ursula McLackland, UPF-Asia secretary general; and Dr. Robert Kittel, UPF-Asia special emissary for education.

There was a total of 139 participants from Nepal and 11 from India. Eighty-three Nepalese educational institutions were represented, including 54 school directors and their spouses.

The programs were designed to prepare participants for the Interfaith Peace Blessing for 70,000 people that will take place in Nepal’s largest sports arena on Feb. 21, 2015. At that event married couples will rededicate their marriage and students will take a Pure Love Pledge.

The Nepalese Ministry of Education fully supported these conferences. The husband of the minister of education attended, officially representing his wife. Two prominent former university vice chancellors from Nepal also attended, as did two members of Nepal’s Parliament. The heads of Nepal’s two private school organizations attended, representing nearly 3 million students.

A major focus of the conferences was the importance of character education in the development of young people, especially character education based on the principles of public-mindedness and sexual purity taught by UPF Founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

One result of the conferences was that the Professors World Peace Academy and the Teachers’ Association for the Research of Principles were restarted in both Nepal and India. Read More


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