All European Members Honor You!

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Message of Appreciation and Condolence for the Seonghwa Ceremony of Rev. Reiner Vincenz from Rev. Young Shik An, representing FFWPU Europe

Our dear elder brother Rev. Reiner Vincenz, on behalf of all European Family Federation members, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the devotion you displayed throughout your 50 years of filial attendance to True Parents and God’s providence.

So many European members were touched by your love and loyalty as you lead us through the pioneering years in France; your crucial role with the International One World Crusade in the USA, Japan and Korea; your leadership of our Movement in Germany and dedication during the Home Church providence in the United Kingdom; and your many other international providential contributions.

We send our condolences to your life companion on this path of devotion, our dear elder sister Barbara, and to Leena, Jario and Mirelle Claire. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

We join with them in this Seoghwa celebration, for as our True Father expressed: “death is sacred. It is not a synonym for ―sadness and suffering. The moment we enter the spirit world should be a time that we enter a world of joy and victory with the fruits born of our lives on earth.

Dear Rev. Vincenz, we are indeed shedding tears of joy instead of sadness as we thank our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for your life and accomplishments in this physical world, knowing that you will return all the glory to them as you humbly take your place ‘marching on’ in the providence that they lead in the spiritual world, towards the establishment of Cheon Il Guk in Heaven and on Earth.

On this day all our European members honor you.

May our love and respect contribute to your swift and safe passage to a new life in the eternal Spiritual World.

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