5 Day Winter Workshop in Czech Republic

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FFWPU Czech Republic, December 28, 2014 to January 1, 2015: 5 Day Winter Workshop for Youth took place at Prague HQ from 28th December to 1st January 2015. We had a total of 13 brothers and sisters between the age of 19 and 29, who came from Romania, Italy, Portugal, Albania, Japan and Czech Republic. Dr. Ashley Crosthwaite (everyone called him Uncle Ashley) from South London was our lecturer. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm hoping to discover God’s Heart, to reflect the year 2014 and to think of their goals for 2015. Here are main highlights from the workshop:


Divine Principle Lectures

All of us were deeply inspired by uncle Ashley’s lectures. Each day he explained the meaning of the different points of Family Pledge. This was very helpful to understand how we could apply the Pledge to our daily life. We received powerful messages, many examples and practical advice related to the Principle, including Original Substance of Divine Principle. Also Q&A session helped the participants find answers to their questions.



In two evenings we heard very touching testimonies from uncle Ashley and Martine Masner, an elder sister and National Leader in Czech Republic. We felt so blessed to be a part of Unification Family.

Uncle Ashley also shared about IRFF-UK’s incredible investment in tackling the issues of HIV/AIDS, hygiene and health care in Africa through WAIT project. WAIT membership is increasing in Uganda, Zambia and other countries and a lot of schools are asking IRFF- UK to come and give purity education for young people. Uncle Ashley showed us short videos and we gained great insight into the present situation of Africa.


New Year’s Eve Challenge

On new year’s eve, we had a challenge program which was a kind of FR – to go outside and ask people if they could offer something to help homeless people. We visited shops, pubs, hotels, restaurants and apartments. Surprisingly, local people were very generous and they gave us many things: warm sweaters, gloves, shoes, chocolates, cakes, bottles of water, even cash money and a pair of ski! Our bags were filled with these things, we were so grateful and went to the main train station. There, we managed to give out everything we collected to many homeless people directly and we had a deep experience. We also met a NGO group of young people who were serving hot soup to the homeless, so we introduced each other about our activities and worked together. We would definitely like to repeat this action again in the future.

Overall, it was great atmosphere during these 5 days, we gained a lot of internal guidance, and had time to share. We also enjoyed sightseeing in Prague and made sushi on New Year’s Eve which was also great fun! It was homely and we want to thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for all these experiences. Thank you.

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