Divine Principle Workshop in Switzerland

FFWPU Switzerland: Just after the New Years, a Three-Day Divine Principle Workshop was held at the Komagata’s house from January 2nd to 4th 2015. The presentations were led by Chantal Chételat Komagata. During the three days, nine members, five Ambassadors for Peace, and four guests attended this workshop in hopes of gaining a new perspective in their life, a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle and to understand how Rev. Sun Myung Moon came to be.

To start each morning, everyone would sing holy songs and then the workshop would begin with an introduction of the presentation. Each day, there were four presentations talking about each chapter of the Divine Principle. After each lecture there would be a 30 minutes discussion in small groups for the attendees to ask questions and to share about the topic. For lunch, everyone would gather for a luncheon and continue to talk about what was said during the presentations.

At the end of the three-day workshop, there were two Ambassador for Peace certificates handed out to a Congolese woman, Clémentine Dikola Elohakonga, and a Tunisian university student, Nariman Hammami, who is currently studying medicine in France. Finally, a workshop photo was taken to commemorate the end of the workshop. The participants were moved by Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s life course and the content of the Divine Principle. For Clémentine, she shared how her church and other Christian churches speak only of salvation for the individual. However, she was surprised and deeply touched to hear the Divine Principle speaking of salvation for all people.

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