A Hope in Ecuador



FFWPU Ecuador: The applicants for the scholarship of Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation are carrying out  the condition of reading the autobiography of True Father after Sunday Service with their parents, demonstrate and earnest endeavor. We hope they may have lofty ambitions overcoming their difficulties.



Interreligious Leaders’ meeting

On the occasion of the event of UN in Peru about the climatic change, Vanya Walker-Leihg, a friend of our Ambassador for Peace, a member of NGO of England visited our Peace Embassy on December 18. She is a journalist for UN relative. Vanya presented the world situation of climatic change using real data by power point. She wanted to speak with Religious Leaders on this topic, the terrible situation of world in order to share all people. And we saw the video of True Parents Project of Pantanal “Hope of LATIN AMERICA”.  A bishop of Anglican Church introduced the project of Pantanal is real model for protection of nature and Rev. Moon is the greatest leader because of the practice of his words.

Vanya said a little leader practice to invest for the protection of nature. She was very content hearing the project of Pantanal.


Group Study of Divine Principle

Every Saturday evening, we have a study meeting of Divine Principle. Throughout HoonDok of the book of divine Principle, they have been studying since June 2014. The members are:  University Professor, Evangelic Pastor, philosopher, Educator, and high-school students.  They offer gratitude to the teaching of Divine Principle, and say that is incredible truth of God.


Guayaquil meeting

In Guayaquil, the biggest city of Ecuador, UPF-Ecuador held the first meeting of Ambassador for Peace at the restaurant of Hotel Oro Verde. The Participants are: Pedro Aguayo, Former Vice-President of Republic of Ecuador; Hernan Ulloa, Former President of Supreme Court of Republic of Ecuador; Michel Domet, Former President of Catholic University of Guayaquil: one of the most important University in Ecuador. Some Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Republic of Ecuador are graduates of this university. Calvas Lorenzo, principal secretary of the biggest Opposite Political Party to current government of Ecuador; and his wife.

They were talking about their own memory of Rev. Moon at the ILC. They have interested in the Character Education. Pedro Aguayo had a plan of course of Formation of Individual at his ONG, Ecuador Foundation. So he asked UPF-Ecuador to send the material text of Character Education for his Foundation. Also, some of them are members of Committee of SUNHAK PEACE PRIZE.

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