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PeaceTV:  Our January 2015 issue is now available. Notable in this issue is the script (translated from Korean and edited for reading in a magazine) of a documentary that appeared on, a secular Korean news site, that gives a fine overview of Mother’s activities throughout 2014.

Among a number of other interesting articles are two about small groups. One gives small-group membership growth figures in Brazil and describes how energized our members Brazilian are, nationwide, about outreach using this method. The other explains how our members in Kenya have enlisted local government support for setting up our church home groups. Both articles indicate that intelligently directed small-group outreach has great potential.

The prominent 12 in the lower-right corner of the January issue indicates that we are in the final month in the (lunar) heavenly calendar year. A small staff makes True Peace every (Gregorian calendar) month and we have not missed a month or produced a late (or a double) issue yet. We deeply appreciate your faithful readership!

We are encouraged by the wide readership that True Peace (TP magazine) has attracted in less than a year. Please continue to send your comments and suggestions to To the same address, please send articles along with high-resolution digital photographs for upcoming issues of True Peace.

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